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How well do you remember I Love Lucy's saxophone episode?

How well do you remember this 'musical' episode of I Love Lucy?

November 6th is National Saxophone Day, so we want to celebrate with one of our favorite episodes of I Love Lucy! How well do you know "The Saxophone"?
  1. What celebrity was Lucy channeling with this hat?
  2. What football position did Ethel joke she played in high school?
  3. What is the only song that Lucy can play?
  4. What did Fred think Lucy's saxophone playing was?
  5. Why does Ricky not want Lucy to come on tour?
  6. What tuning note does Ricky tell the band to play?
  7. What is Lucy planning to do with this hat and gloves?
  8. What is Ricky's counter-plan to Lucy's?
  9. How many guys are actually in the closet?
  10. What causes Ricky to make this face?
How well do you remember I Love Lucy's saxophone episode?

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