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How well do you remember the actual story of A Christmas Carol?

You've seen it in every shape and form, but do you remember the original story?

Adapting classic stories into more modern retellings is a common tactic in television and movies. One of the most popular stories to take on is the yuletide classic, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Published in 1843, this plotline has been reimagined hundreds of times in hundreds of formats.

But when you strip away your favorite characters, do you still remember the basic plot of the original novella? See if you can ace this quiz!

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  1. We'll start off easy; what is the name of the main character who lacks holiday spirit?
  2. What is his signature phrase?
  3. Do you remember the name of his poorly, yet kind-hearted subordinate?
  4. Here's a tricky one: when the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Marley, arrives in his home, Scrooge utters a famous insult to the ghost. What was it?
  5. How many spirits are scheduled to visit the angry Scrooge before the night is through?
  6. What are they called?
  7. The first ghost takes Scrooge back in time to his boyhood. Just as it appears the boy will be left alone for the holiday, someone from his family arrives to bring him home. Who is this person?
  8. The second location visited is a Christmas party that Scrooge attended as a young man. Where was this Christmas party?
  9. The second ghost takes Scrooge to visit one of Scrooge's living relative's Christmas parties. Who is the relative?
  10. Scrooge is then taken to visit the home of his employee, Bob Cratchit. What is his youngest son's name?
  11. When the final ghost appears, Scrooge willingly goes with him to a Christmas Day in the future. Scrooge realizes that he has passed away by looking at...what?
  12. When Scrooge awakens the next day, he's been changed for the better and immediately begins to spread Christmas joy and cheer. Which of these acts was NOT a kindness that Scrooge shared?
  13. Scrooge shares an extra kindness with the Cratchit family the day after Christmas, upon Bob's arrival at work. That kindness was...
How well do you remember the actual story of A Christmas Carol?

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