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How well do you remember the M*A*S*H finale?

Test your memory of this classic finale. Put on your thinking cap and grab some tissues.

The M*A*S*H finale aired on February 28, 1983, and became the most-watched television broadcast of all time, a record which stood until 2010. 

It's time to revisit the heartfelt ending to the classic series. How well do you remember it? Let's find out. Good luck!

  1. What's the name of the episode?
  2. What does the tank knock down when it crashes into camp?
  3. What animal does Hawkeye keep talking about when describing his flashbacks?
  4. Why does Soon-Lee want to leave the camp?
  5. Who jumps out from under the table when the camp is shelled?
  6. Who or what keeps following around Winchester?
  7. Why does Hawkeye run away while the camp is being shelled?
  8. What happens to the 4077th?
  9. Who comes back in a helicopter halfway through the episode?
  10. How does Klinger propose to Soon-Lee?
  11. Why do Margaret and Winchester get into a fight?
  12. What do the rocks say when Hawkeye leaves in the helicopter?
How well do you remember the M*A*S*H finale?

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