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How well do you remember 'The Subject Was Noses' on 'The Brady Bunch'?

It was the broken nose heard 'round the world.

It's one of the most enduring moments from The Brady Bunch, and it's also one of the most classic episodes. How well do you remember season four's, "The Subject Was Noses?", a.k.a. the one where Marcia breaks her nose. 

We're not taking it easy with this one. Good luck!
  1. What's the name of the big man on campus?
  2. How does Marcia describe Doug to her friend?
  3. Marcia accepts a date with Doug, but oh no! She already has a date planned with…
  4. What is Alice doing?
  5. Why is Charlie at the Bradys' house?
  6. What does Marcia say to get out of her date with Charlie?
  7. After Marcia breaks her date, she's estatic she can go out with Doug. What does Carol tell Marcia to do?
  8. WHAM! Who throws the ball at Marcia's face?
  9. What's the name of Greg and Marcia's high school?
  10. What does Marcia do to avoid being seen by Doug?
  11. Doug breaks the date when he sees Marcia's nose. What excuse does he give her?
  12. About how many days does it take for Marcia's nose to go back to normal?
  13. After Marcia comes clean to Charlie, they decide to go on a date. Why does Charlie fall down?
  14. What does Marcia tell her parents happened on the date?
How well do you remember 'The Subject Was Noses' on 'The Brady Bunch'?

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