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How well do you remember when huge rock bands went disco?

Everyone got into the groove. Can you?

In the late 1970s, music fans supposedly fell into two camps — rock and disco.

But, really, the biggest rock stars in the world were discotheque dilettantes. The arena-filling, guitar-smashing, amp-cranking kings of rock all got into the groove. Even Led Zeppelin got funky (just listen to the boogie of "Carouselambra").

For some acts, going disco gave them the biggest hits of their career. 

Let's see how well you remember these genre-hopping smashes. Try to name all the bands!
  1. "I Was Made for Lovin' You" become one of their biggest hits.
  2. Their smash "Heart of Glass" originally had a working title of "The Disco Song."
  3. Their hit "Miss You" had a "Special Disco Version," the band's first ever dance remix.
  4. He was ahead of the curve when he tapped into American funk with "Young Americans."
  5. These rock gods went deep disco on their groovy album Hot Space.
  6. He released his unique take on disco, "Disco Mystic," in 1979.
  7. His "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" went all the way to No. 1.
  8. This was an unlikely act to go disco, but nevertheless "Shakedown Street" brought the boogie.
  9. This English band delivered the disco on its 1979 hit "Shine a Little Love."
  10. This former Steve Miller Band guitarist scored a massive his with his "Lowdown."
How well do you remember when huge rock bands went disco?

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