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Is the missing word in these forgotten family shows ''Dad'' or ''Father''?

The Courtship of Eddie's Who? Bachelor What?

Especially on Father's Day, we're not willing to forget a single TV father.

Here, we've got a list of more obscure sitcoms not often cited by TV history but loved all the same by fans of family sitcoms who laughed and followed the drama of all these frequently forgotten TV dads.

All you have to do to impress this lot of TV dads is guess the correct word to fill in the blank of their shows. Is it dad, daddy, father or pa? Maybe sit up straight while you guess! Good luck!
  1. THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S ___________________
  2. ___________________ KNOWS BEST
  3. MAKE ROOM FOR ___________________
  4. ___________________ OF THE BRIDE
  5. BACHELOR ___________________
  6. ___________________ AND SONS
  7. MY TWO ___________________
  8. ___________________ DOWLING MYSTERIES
  9. THE FEATHER AND ___________________ GANG
  10. CRIME WITH ___________________
Is the missing word in these forgotten family shows ''Dad'' or ''Father''?

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