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It takes a true '70s child to know the names of all these TV theme songs

"Welcome Back" to those "Happy Days."

The melodies are permanently stuck in your head. You can probably sing the lyrics. But do you know the actual song titles?

Yes, we're talking about 1970s TV theme songs, the golden era, when ditties like "Happy Days" and "Welcome Back" made the pop charts.

But not every theme song had a title that matched the show's name. In fact, some of them are pretty surprising. See if you can fill in all the blanks!
  1. The Jeffersons: "______ On Up"
  2. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: "______ Is All Around"
  3. Laverne & Shirley: "______ Our Dreams Come True"
  4. M*A*S*H: "______ Is Painless"
  5. The Dukes of Hazzard: "Good Ol' ______"
  6. The Partridge Family: "C'mon, Get ______"
  7. Maude: "And Then There's ______"
  8. The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour: "The ______ Goes On"
  9. Alice: "There's a New _____ in Town"
  10. All in the Family: "Those Were the ______"
  11. Three's Company: "Come and ______ Our Door"
  12. Baretta: "Keep Your Eye on the ______"
  13. Sanford and Son: "The Street______"
  14. Angie: "Different _______"
It takes a true '70s child to know the names of all these TV theme songs

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