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It takes a true film buff to know the names of the top movies of 1969

These blockbusters are real brain teasers.

Americans went to see far artier films in 1969. Need evidence? Take a look at the top-grossing movies from that year. (Not yet. That would be cheating.) 

Sure, there were a few cowboys and spies getting into action, but elsewhere plots dealt with relationships and explored emotions. They were based on acclaimed literary novels and stage plays. There was hardly a talking robot or superhero fish man in sight.

No wonder some of them are rather obscure today. They raked in big bucks back then, but they would be cult indie releases today. Despite the big names on the marquee.

It takes a true movie expert to ace this one. Give it a shot.

  1. The biggest blockbuster of 1969 grossed a whopping $102 million — more than twice the competition: Butch Cassidy and the _______ Kid
  2. The No. 2 movie of 1969 certainly made a "Buck": Midnight _______.
  3. The third highest grossing film of 1969 cruised to $42 million: Easy ______.
  4. There was a new 007 in the No. 10 movie of 1969: On _____ Majesty's Secret Service
  5. The No. 19 movies of 1969 was filmed in Mexico: The _______ Bunch
  6. Barbra belted tunes in the No. 4 movie of 1969: Hello, _______!
  7. The No. 5 film of 1969 focused on two couples: Bob & Carol & Ted & _______?
  8. The No. 23 gave thanks for its $6 million haul: _________ Restaurant?
  9. Clint Eastwood starred in the No. 6 movie of 1969: Paint Your _______?
  10. TV stars Walther Matthau and Goldie Hawn starred in the No. 8 movie of 1969: Cactus ______?
  11. The No. 17 movie of 1969 featured Jane Fonda and a dance contest: They Shoot _______, Don't They?
  12. Liza Minnelli starred in the No. 14 movie of 1969: The _______ Cuckoo?
  13. The colorful No. 11 film of 1969 was a foreign export from Sweden: I Am Curious (_______).
  14. The No. 9 film of 1969 cast Ali MacGraw in a Phillip Roth adaptation: Goodbye, ________?
  15. The No. 27 movie of 1969 featured familiar faces from TV and filmed all across Europe: If It's Tuesday, This Must Be _______?
It takes a true film buff to know the names of the top movies of 1969

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