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Match the Monkees songs to the correct episode

We tell you what happened, you guess the song playing!

Here's a game for Monkees fans with the most!

We've broken down what happens in episodes of The Monkees, offering subtle clues to which Monkees song might be playing during these moments.

Your task? See if you can figure out which Monkees song matches each episode description. Good luck!
  1. In "Royal Flush," the Monkees must rescue a princess from her evil uncle.
  2. In “Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers,” the Monkees get kidnapped by a PR man who wants his band to win the talent contest.
  3. In “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth,” the Monkees have to hide a horse Davy gets as a gift from their landlord.
  4. In “The Chaperone,” Micky poses as Davy’s chaperone so he can date a retired general’s daughter he's in love with.
  5. In “Monkees à la Mode,” a hip magazine runs a fake profile showing the Monkees as clean-cut young men.
  6. In “Monkees Get Out More Dirt,” the Monkees all fall in love with the same girl at a laundromat.
  7. In “It’s a Nice Place to Visit…,” Davy is captured by a bandit in Mexico after spending too much time around his girlfriend.
  8. In “I Was a 99-Pound Weakling,” Micky tries to get in shape after he loses his girlfriend to a muscle man.
  9. In “The Monkees in Paris,” beautiful girls chase the Monkees all over Paris.
  10. In “The Devil and Peter Tork,” Peter accidentally sells his soul to the devil.
Match the Monkees songs to the correct episode

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