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Match these massive movie stars to their tiny early TV roles

You gotta start somewhere.

You gotta start somewhere. For actors, that "somewhere" is typically small television roles. Okay, it's actually waiting tables and, if you're lucky, a commercial… but after that.

Below, you will find some faces recognized around the world. Their early roles, however, might stump you.

See if you can place these A-listers back when they were footnotes in the TV listings.
  1. Jack Nicholson played his last television role on this iconic sitcom.
  2. Tom Hanks played a karate expert in this early role.
  3. Julia Roberts turned up in this '80s staple.
  4. Hey, that's Meg Ryan. Which show is she on?
  5. Here's Richard Dreyfuss. Where is he?
  6. Jennifer Aniston landed an early role in this adaptation of a hit '80s movie.
  7. Here's Brad Pitt playing two different parts on… which sitcom?
  8. Okay, here's Brad Pitt again, alongside a character named Charlie Wade. Which should would that be?
  9. Here's little Leonardo DiCaprio, sandwiched between actors from which sitcom?
  10. George Clooney can be found as a regular on this sitcom.
  11. Here comes Amy Adams strutting in an early role. Which show is it?
  12. Halle Berry appeared alongside former Jeffersons star Sherman Hemsley on this sitcom.
Match these massive movie stars to their tiny early TV roles

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