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Name the products being advertised in these classic Christmas commercials

Do you remember these dozen vintage ads?

During the holidays, we buy the most stuff. No wonder that advertisers hit us with their best commercials during the yuletide. 

Over the decades, there have been many memorable television ads that tug at our heart strings and wallets. We snapped a shot from a dozen praised and fondly recalled Christmas ads. 

A true commercial connoisseur can get 10 or more of them correct. Good luck!
  1. First, we're going to trot out an easy oneā€¦
  2. Do you remember these color coordinated dancers?
  3. These beloved creatures made their commercial debut in 1993, under the Northern Lights.
  4. Does this one ring a bell? What is being advertised here?
  5. These cartoon animals stuck their necks out for what big toy seller?
  6. A choir of all types sang in harmony by candlelight in a sequel for what iconic commercial?
  7. Santa was shocked to discover that who existed in this 1996 spot?
  8. What was melting away this snowman?
  9. Who is disguised as Santa in this 1992 cereal commercial?
  10. Santa is not riding a sled, but rather this product in a classic 1960s ad.
  11. "Peter" came home for Christmas in 1985 for this coffee brand.
  12. In the 1950s, this cigarette brand declared that a gift of what says "Merry Christmas and happy smoking 200 times"?
Name the products being advertised in these classic Christmas commercials

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