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Only a true movie guru will remember these Best Pictures Oscar winners

If a movie wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, it should eventually be considered a classic, right? And if it's a classic, everyone should recognize it.

Well, let's put that to the test. We gathered 10 screenshots from Best Picture Oscar winners released between 1960–80. 

See if you can identify these movies from one image. Careful — all of the options were Oscar-nominated films!
  1. This movie won Best Picture in 1969.
  2. This won the Academy Award for best picture in 1970.
  3. Recognize this Best Picture winner from 1973?
  4. This black-and-white film took home the Best Picture trophy in 1960.
  5. Here's a scene from the Best Picture winner of 1978.
  6. This film won Best Picture in 1980.
  7. This 1967 Best Picture Oscar winner became a television show.
  8. This movie took home the Oscar for Best Picture in 1968.
  9. The period piece won the Best Picture Oscar in 1966.
  10. Here is Albert Finney feasting on a chicken in this 1963 Best Picture Oscar winner.
Only a true movie guru will remember these Best Pictures Oscar winners

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