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Only a true Sixties kid can name all these shows on Saturday Morning TV in 1969!

There were some groovy live-action shows in there, too!

Was there a better time to be a kid than 1969? When it came to Saturday mornings, we'll say no. It was the heyday of Hanna-Barbera. The cartoons offered up hip cats, iconic bears, wascally wabbits, super dogs, pink panthers, friendly ghosts and cool cars!

Oh, there were some groovy live-action shows, too! 

Yes, it was probably the greatest Saturday morning lineup of all time. 

See if you can identify all these classic kids' shows!

  1. You could catch reruns of this primetime favorite at 12PM on NBC!
  2. Speaking of classic reruns, this rockin' favorite was on at the same time on CBS! Choices!
  3. This classic kicked off in 1969, at 10:30AM on CBS.
  4. This trippy show from the minds of Sid and Marty Krofft was on NBC at 10AM.
  5. These two were up to no good at 9:30AM on CBS.
  6. She followed right after them at 10AM on CBS.
  7. This bear had a show on at 8:30AM on ABC.
  8. These cartoon characters came to live as a rock 'n' roll band in the credits. They solved mysteries at 10:30AM on ABC.
  9. These cats had a whole hour at 9AM on ABC.
  10. This show burned rubber at 10AM on ABC.
Only a true Sixties kid can name all these shows on Saturday Morning TV in 1969!

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