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Only the biggest '80s toy fans will get 8/10 on this quiz

Did your kids beg for any of these?

Image: Sears Wishbook

Is there any better indicator of an era than the toys that flew off the shelves? During the 1980s, licensed toys became a huge seller, with just about every hit toy spawning a cartoon, or vice versa! 

We've decided to take note of 10 of the most popular toys of that radical decade and see just how many of them you can remember. Good luck!

  1. What's this guy a master of?
  2. We know his first name is Teddy, but what's his last name?
  3. What kind of creature is this?
  4. What was this educational toy called?
  5. Remember the first Super Mario Bros. game? What about this villain's name?
  6. You know Strawberry Shortcake, but who's her friend?
  7. She was one of the first Care Bears. Which one has a rainbow emblazoned on her belly?
  8. Which canine toy wasn't a hot commodity?
  9. Everyone learned to skate with these Fisher-Price skates, but do you actually know what they were called?
  10. Last... do you know how to spell these little monkey's names?
Only the biggest '80s toy fans will get 8/10 on this quiz

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