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Pick: Build your perfect workplace sitcom cast

Is Don Knotts the goofball coworker or nosy neighbor?

The best sitcoms have the best casts, period. But have you ever wondered what kind of sitcom you'd put together if you could cast all your favorites into one show?

Today you get a chance to do just that, building your dream workplace sitcom from scratch by selecting some of TV's best leading men, ladies, goofballs and bosses. 

See how your sitcom tastes compare to everybody else's in the office.
  1. Pick a leading man:
  2. Pick a love interest for your leading man:
  3. Pick a goofball coworker to provide comic relief:
  4. Pick someone to be the boss of your leading man:
  5. Pick a neighbor who lives next door:
Pick: Build your perfect workplace sitcom cast

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