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Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1967?

Gilligan or the Monkees? You have the say.

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When it comes to classic television, it's hard to top the year 1967. These shows still dazzle, charm and tickle us. 

It was hard to go wrong with a choice. If you flipped around the channels with your fancy new Zenith Space Command remote control, you would find a brilliant show on any network. 

Spock. Gilligan. Batman. Lucy. Carol. Even the Beatles! Who can top characters like that? That makes choosing what to watch all the more difficult. You can only choose one. What are you watching?
  1. It's a Thursday evening in spring. What are you viewing at 8:30PM?
  2. Now it's Friday. The weather is a little bad, so we're staying in for the evening. What are we watching at 8:30PM?
  3. After spending Saturday out with the family, now you are back in front of the tube. What to watch at 8:30PM?
  4. The weekend is over. Monday is here. That's okay — there are some great options at 7:30PM. Pick a show.
  5. Summer is here! No school! What to watch at 7:30PM on a Thursday?
  6. With no school, that means you can watch daytime TV. What's on in the living room at 1:30PM?
  7. It's now fall — new TV season! Check out these options on Monday night at 10PM. Pick one.
  8. Now it's Saturday morning. What cartoons should we watch from 11:30 to 12:30?
  9. Finally, it's Sunday night. What are you watching at 7:30PM?
Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1967?

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