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Pick: Which cereals would you eat in the 1970s?

Grab a spoon and dig into the sugary past.

There is no shortage of cereal options at the grocery store, but we miss so many brands of the past. The cereal of the Seventies was just more fun. (Read: sugary.) The prizes were better, too.

Just take a look at these boxes from that decade. 

We want to know — which boxes would you buy? Pick a cereal and compare your tastes!
  1. Let's start with something fruity. Pour one of these in your bowl.
  2. Turn your milk into chocolate milk with one of these chocolaty cereals.
  3. You gotta balance the chocolate with vanilla. Pick one of these Seventies treats.
  4. Okay, now pick a cereal that sounds like it was invented by a hippie.
  5. Hmm… something maple or cinnamon would really hit the spot now. Choose one.
  6. Let's just go for a straight sugar rush. Pick a sugary sugar cereal.
  7. Fine, after all that sweetness, we'll eat something healthy. Pick one.
Pick: Which cereals would you eat in the 1970s?

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