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Pick: Which movie would you see in theaters on these weekends in the 1970s?

Are you rooting for Luke or the Bandit?

The Seventies were an awesome era for movies. Blockbusters were simply smarter back then — artier, too. Below, you will find some box office matchups from the decade. Some of these classics came out within days of each other.

Which begs the question: If you were going to the movies that weekend, which movie would you have picked?

See how your taste in films compares to the rest.
  1. It's August 19, 1973. Are you up for some nostalgia or some nunchucks? Pick a new movie.
  2. It's Christmas weekend, 1973. Pick between 'The Sting' and 'The Exorcist.'
  3. It's June 25, 1976. Are you in the mood for sci-fi or horror?
  4. It's December 17, 1976. Are you in the mood for Disney or a big ape?
  5. It's May 27, 1977, Memorial Day weekend! Pick between these two epic sagas.
  6. It's December 16, 1977. Disco has come to the movies. Pick one.
  7. It's June 16, 1978. Are you more into sequels or sing-alongs?
  8. It's October 27, 1978. Will you ease on down the road or scare yourself?
  9. It's June 22, 1979. Will you watch Clint or Kermit?
  10. It's December 14, 1979. Are you up for some Steve Spielberg or Steve Martin?
Pick: Which movie would you see in theaters on these weekends in the 1970s?

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