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Pick: Which movies would you go see in the theaters in 1984?

Does bustin' make you feel good?

George Orwell had dire predictions for 1984. He envisioned a dystopia. But would a dystopian society have offered up both Ghostbusters and Gremlins in the same weekend? We think not.

The cinemas were stuffed with beloved movies in 1984. Sure, there were a ton of sequels, but several iconic franchises also kicked off. Besides, the sequels were good!

Let's take a look at what was on offer throughout the year. If you had to see one of the movies on a given weekend, which would it be? See how your taste compares to others!
  1. It's a weekend in early March. Are you in the mood for some Phil Collins-soundtracked drama, punk sci-fi or rock 'n' roll comedy?
  2. The following week you're feeling up for a movie again. Are you looking for scares, laughs or childhood nostalgia?
  3. It's the end of March and there are some new things to see. Are you feeling up for goofy cops, a Tarzan reboot or rom-com adventure?
  4. Jump forward to May 4. Are you feeling up for a historical drama, breakdancing or teen comedy?
  5. On Memorial Day weekend are you going to see Stephen King, a baseball flick or Indiana Jones?
  6. On a weekend in early June are you in the mood for breakdancing, DeNiro drama or Star Trek sequel?
  7. You can't go wrong on the weekend of June 8, especially if you like to laugh.
  8. There's a lot of variety at the end of June. Will it be screwball celebrity comedy, teen classic, adult romp or sword and socery?
  9. On a hot weekend in mid-July, you could use some air conditioning. And some solid family entertainment.
  10. Let's go see a movie in late July. Are you up for a Disney reissue, Prince or college humor?
  11. Action is on tap in August. But action comes in different flavors.
  12. Things get a little more serious in September. Two of these movies were up for the Best Picture Oscar.
  13. In October, you get to choose between David Byrne, Bill Murray and Arnold.
  14. In early November, decide between Oscar bait, a horror classic or George Burns.
  15. It's early December and the holidays are just around the corner. Pick something to see.
  16. On December 14, choose between sci-fi and Richard Gere.
  17. Finally, it's Christmastime and you're with your family. Pick something new to see.
Pick: Which movies would you go see in the theaters in 1984?

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