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Quiz: Can you name these classic candies?

Try to spot these candy bars and bites by the wrapper alone.

There are plenty of options in the candy aisle. While many candy bars have gone to candy heaven, many American favorites have lasted for decades. In some cases, they have lasted since the 19th century.

We wiped the names off some classic candy wrappers. But we're guessing you can use your sweet tooth and memory to spot them anyway. Good news: You can still buy them all, just as we did.
  1. These multi-flavored circles were born the same year as Thomas Edison.
  2. This turtle has been pitching his caramel treat since 1926.
  3. First made in 1922, this bar was a hit with musicians. Both Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits mentioned them in song.
  4. Would you chew these whole or suck on them?
  5. Bonomo offers this bar in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana flavors.
  6. Can't decide on a candy? This genius bar gives you multiple options in one.
  7. Perhaps you remember this cylindrical candy — in smaller form — from Halloween.
  8. The Chase Candy Company claims this is "America's favorite cherry candy bar"
  9. Reese's is not the only cup in the game.
  10. Born in Nashville in 1912.
Quiz: Can you name these classic candies?

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