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QUIZ: How well do you really know 'Saturday Night Fever?'

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This week marks the 40th anniversary of 
Saturday Night Fever. The film was a cultural hit, thanks to the killer soundtrack crafted by the Bee Gees, being the perfect depiction of life in the Brooklyn disco scene, and for touching on the more serious aspects of 1970s culture, like economic disparity and racial tensions. 

It's the type of movie that you've seen plenty of times over the years and can probably quote any time the situation calls for it — but how well do you really know Saturday Night Fever? Let's find out!
  1. What was the title of the 'New York' magazine article 'Saturday Night Fever' was based on?
  2. In the opening credits, how much did Tony put down for the blue shirt?
  3. After his raise, what is Tony's hourly wage at the paint shop?
  4. In the famous "he hits my hair" scene, Tony tries to take seconds of what food, but gets scolded by his father?
  5. What was the name of the club that Tony and his crew frequent every Saturday?
  6. What's Tony's drink of choice?
  7. What then-minor celebrity from New York had a minor role as a dance partner of Tony's?
  8. When Tony introduces Stephanie to his friends, what celebrity does she NOT say came into her office that day?
  9. What gang did Gus claim jumped him?
  10. What Bee Gees hit did Stephanie and Tony dance to in the club's disco contest?
  11. What bridge does Bobby fall off of?
QUIZ: How well do you really know 'Saturday Night Fever?'

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