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QUIZ: Marie, Martha, or Myrna?

Can you remember which character got into which hijinks?

Rose Marie joked that many of her television characters had names that ended in “a.” These included Myrna from The Doris Day Show, Martha from The Bob Cummings Show, Hilda on S.W.A.T., and Bertha from My Sister Eileen

 Can you guess which person – Rose Marie, Martha, or Myrna – did what?
  1. Mastered the yo-yo?
  2. Injured her ankle on a ski trip?
  3. Bob Cummings played matchmaker for her?
  4. Had dinner with gangsters?
  5. Played Cinderella's fairy godmother?
  6. Attended a Doris Day lookalike contest?
  7. Sang in the all-girl back up group called the Bob-O-Links?
  8. Helped rescue a poodle from a hot car?
  9. Accidentally went to a go-go dancer audition?
  10. Sang for President Franklin D. Roosevelt?
QUIZ: Marie, Martha, or Myrna?

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