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Quiz: Which classic TV mom is most like yours?

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day, we're asking a few fun questions to determine which classic TV mom is most like yours. 

Remember, there's no wrong answer. But mother is always right!
  1. It's a nice day, and you and your siblings are running in and out of the house. How does your mom react?
  2. You win a lot of money by winning an amateur singing contest. Where is the first place you'd take your mom?
  3. What did your mom pack in your lunch?
  4. Which emoji reminds you most of your mom?
  5. Your mom says you can't play with lawn darts, even though all your friends are. After you complain, what is her response?
  6. What's your mom's signature dish?
  7. You break a vase playing ball in the house, even though your mom specifically said not to. How does she react when she finds out?
  8. What's your mom's favorite color?
  9. You come home after your curfew. What is your mom doing?
  10. Is your mom a "cool mom"?
Quiz: Which classic TV mom is most like yours?

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