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See if you can name all these Sesame Street characters

Thanks to Count von Count, you know your numbers. But do you remember his friends?

Image: The Everett Collection

Whether you watched it as a kid, watched it with your kids — or both — Sesame Street holds a special place in your memory. The educational Muppets have been a part of American television for nearly half a century. 

Over the last five decades, Sesame Street has introduced dozens of characters, both furry and human. We all know and love Big Bird, Bert and Ernie. But let's see if you remember the other Sesame Street denizens as well as Count von Count knows his numbers.
  1. Who is this big, huggable brown mammoth?
  2. Who's the blue one?
  3. Who's this 7-year-old girl? She was introduced in 1971.
  4. Who is Oscar's female grouch friend?
  5. This dog is celebrating his 40th birthday in 2018.
  6. This turquoise monster made her debut in 1991.
  7. Two years later, this orange girl was added as a counterpart to Elmo. Her pet rock is named Rocco, but her name is…?
  8. Who is this game show host?
  9. These aliens are sometimes called "The Yip-Yips," but which planet is their home?
  10. These purple fellows are technically named Horn and Hardart, but are commonly just called…?
  11. Let's get to some humans. Who is this with Elmo?
  12. How about this shopkeeper between Bert and Ernie?
  13. Who is the snake with Carol Channing?
  14. This guy dates back to 1970. We've colorized him to give you some help.
  15. Finally, who is this memory-challenged cowboy?
See if you can name all these Sesame Street characters

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