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See if you can name these popular children's TV shows from the 1980s

Just remember: "I don't know" will get you slimed.

Odds are, you grew up watching Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo or Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Those children's programs aired for decades.

But there are some kids' shows more specific to Generation X. Nickelodeon launched in the late 1970s, and throughout the Eighties became the after-school (and before school) TV destination for American youth. Of course, PBS was still churning out educational gems. 

We've picked through our memories for some favorite shows of the 1980s. See if you can come up with the correct titles! Good luck!
  1. Don Herbert helped kids learn science for four decades. In the '80s, he had this show on Nickelodeon.
  2. Before he boarded the USS Enterprise, LeVar Burton hosted this educational show for PBS.
  3. Some version of this Toronto teen drama has run from 1979 to today. The version seen here started in 1987.
  4. Every kid wanted to take the physical challenge — and pick the giant nose — on this Nickelodeon game show.
  5. This sketch comedy show introduced "sliming" to Nickelodeon — and featured Alanis Morissette.
  6. Kid contestants got to rummage through this massive doll house on this Nickelodeon game show.
  7. This "see-through" character showed off human anatomy on Captain Kangaroo.
  8. This 1979–91 Nickelodeon series featured puppets named Aurelia, Plus and Minus.
  9. Complete the title of this educational kids show: '3-2-1 C…'
  10. This musical kids show featured Martika, who would release the No. 1 pop hit "Toy Soldiers" in 1989.
  11. You might find questions like this quiz on this 1987-90 MTV game show.
  12. This kids show featured a popular puppet segment hosted by "Gary Gnu."
See if you can name these popular children's TV shows from the 1980s

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