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See if you can recognize all these '80s talk show hosts

There were a lot of couches and desks in late night and daytime.

Talk shows exploded in the 1980s. Oprah revolutionized daytime chat shows, which every major network suddenly wanted to keep up with The Tonight Show on NBC. Tabloid talk shows and "trash TV" became a thing. Syndication and cable meant there were far more places to set up a desk and couch.

So, think you can identify the many hosts of 1980s talk shows? We're gathering some of them here. See if you can recognize them all.

Good luck!
  1. Her red spectacles were a signature look.
  2. The audience sitting above the house band was known as "The Dog Pound."
  3. If Oprah was the queen of daytime, he was the king.
  4. His CBS late night show ran for a little over a year, starting in January 1989.
  5. Calvert DeForest played a character called Larry "Bud" Melman who often appeared on this show.
  6. From 1986–87, Joan Rivers hosted 'The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers' for this upstart network.
  7. This sitcom star had a punny name for his syndicated talk show. What was it?
  8. This comedy legend's late night talk show ran for a very, very brief time in 1984.
  9. This series was a pioneer of the tabloid talk show format that led to Jerry Springer and such.
  10. This comic hosted the syndicated 'Nightlife' from 1986-87.
  11. This former host of 'Real People' got his own talk show in 1989.
See if you can recognize all these '80s talk show hosts

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