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See if you recognize these classic TV stars relaxing in their homes

These beloved stars chilled just like the rest of us.

Home is where we relax, spend time with family, cook meals, unwind and watch television. Even those celebrities on the TV screen do the same in their downtime.

In fact, we've gathered some charming images of classic television stars chilling in their pads back in the 1950s and 1960s. 

See if you can recognize them off the set and out of costume — and try to match them to their characters!

  1. Some of them answer fan mail. Who is opening letters with the family?
  2. Some brush up on their homework. Which couple is this?
  3. Some have a snack in the kitchen. Who did he play?
  4. Some enjoy a cup of orange juice in the morning. Who did he play?
  5. Some catch up on their periodicals. He played which 1970s crime-solver?
  6. Others dive into a good book. He played…?
  7. Some model a new wool sweater. You know him as…?
  8. Some bake. She starred on her own sitcom as…?
  9. Some play with the kids. You know him best as…?
  10. Some paint. She played which character?
  11. Some play with their newborns. Which character do you spot in this picture?
  12. Some make phone calls with their siblings. Who do you spot here?
  13. Some hang out with their trophies. Which performer is this?
  14. Some gather the entire clan together. Two of the people in this photo went on to play…?
  15. Some cuddle up with their sweethearts. Which character do you spot in this photo?
  16. Bonus: The baby on her lap grew up to play which 1980s character?
  17. Some watch movies with their 3-D projector. He played which character?
  18. Some make recordings with their loved ones. She starred on which series?
See if you recognize these classic TV stars relaxing in their homes

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