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See if you remember what these school supplies were called

Break out your pencil cases.

Time to go back to school, back in the day. 

We gathered some of our favorite school supplies from the 1950s through 1990s. See if you remember what they were called. Pop quiz!
  1. What is this awesome binder called?
  2. What is this thing?
  3. Getting these scented stickers on a paper was the best. What were they called?
  4. These scented markers by Sanford also had fruity aromas.
  5. What is this thing?
  6. Okay, but what is this thing?
  7. What kind of floppy disk was this?
  8. Girls coveted the colorful neon school supplies from this brand.
  9. These folders had a funny name.
  10. How about these writing tablets?
  11. What was the name of this eraser?
  12. Remember the name of this gunk?
  13. What was this calculator called?
  14. Bic sold these pens with a tropical fruity name. What was it?
  15. Finally, what is this gizmo made by Milton Bradley?
See if you remember what these school supplies were called

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