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Time travel to 1968 and try not to spend more than $20

See if you can shop and stay under budget based on prices from 1968.

The more things change, the more things seem to cost, year after year. That means 50 years ago, prices were way different than the kids are used to spending nowadays.

So if you were around in 1968, you have a distinct advantage over everyone else on this quiz that challenges you to spend a day in 1968 without exceeding your budget of $20.

Think you can manage? Turn the dials back in your brain to 1968 and scroll through the questions below. Only people who get every question right will successfully scrape by spending less than 20 bucks. Good luck!
  1. Your day starts with a stop at a gas station. Buy the item below that cost less in 1968:
  2. Next, you realize you're starving and hit a fast food joint. It's 1968, choose the order that costs less:
  3. Oh no! Now you’re bored in 1968. Pick the activity that costs less:
  4. You’re back home now and decide to hang a decorative plaque on the wall. How 1968 of you. Pick the plaque that cost less:
  5. To pass some time in 1968, you pick up a book. Choose the book that cost less:
  6. Last question. Time to phone a friend in 1968! Pick the phone that cost less:
Time travel to 1968 and try not to spend more than $20

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