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True or False: Are these classic TV celebrities honored with a statue?

See if you can guess which of your favorite stars have a commemorative sculpture somewhere in the world!

In your nearest major city or landmark, you've likely seen a statue in memoriam of a historical person who made a major impact on the community. Especially outside of stadiums.

It turns out that many stars have been honored in this way around the world. Celebs from Bruce Lee (in Hong Kong) to Bob Hope (in San Diego) have bronze statues that remind the world of the impact they have made. It should come as no surprise, then, that a handful of classic stars have also been graced with this honor. Can you guess which ones have a fully-fledged statue standing somewhere in the world? 

Give it your best try!

  1. Peter Falk
  2. ALF
  3. Clint Eastwood
  4. Don Knotts
  5. Lucille Ball
  6. Jim Nabors
  7. Andy Griffith
  8. Eddie Albert
  9. Raymond Burr
  10. Mary Tyler Moore
  11. Ron Howard
  12. Eva Gabor
  13. Florence Henderson
  14. William Shatner
  15. Dick Van Dyke
True or False: Are these classic TV celebrities honored with a statue?

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