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Try to make it through this quiz without leaving the 1970s

Ready to test your memory of what many deem the best decade ever: the 1970s?

Groovy, let's get started.

Below, we present you with a series of choices to make between TV shows, albums, movies and other pop culture items. Your mission: Pick the thing from the 1970s every single time.

Only actual 1970s experts will leave this quiz still firmly stuck in the 1970s. Good luck!
  1. Let's see what's on TV. Pick the show below that premiered in the 1970s:
  2. All right. Time for a bite to eat, and we're craving a treat stores have discontinued. Pick the snack that only existed in the 1970s:
  3. We're all fueled up now, so let's take in a movie. Pick the movie you could see in theaters in the 1970s:
  4. Let's put on some tunes. Pick the album that came out in the 1970s:
  5. Sitting around so long has us feeling squirmy. Pick a popular toy to play with that premiered in the 1970s:
  6. Ready to zone out to some cartoons? Pick the cartoon show that only existed in the 1970s:
  7. Now we feel like dancing! Pick the novelty song that became a surprise hit in the 1970s:
  8. It's getting late, so why not catch another movie before you leave the 1970s? Pick the movie that premiered in the 1970s:
  9. After the movie, you hear a song playing somewhere in the distance. Pick the 1970s album that song could be on:
  10. You made it back home. Pick the 1970s TV show you'd wind down with:
Try to make it through this quiz without leaving the 1970s

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