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Try to name every celebrity on the cover of TV Guide in 1979

See if you can get 13 out of 13!

A decade was coming to a close. Familiar faces were making comebacks, and fresh new talents were taking television by storm.

Below, you will see covers from TV Guide magazine that hit newsstands and grocery checkouts in 1979. There's one catch — all of them (minus one) is illustrated. Can you interpret the art and identify the celebrities?

Good luck!
  1. These two characters could be found driving which series?
  2. For the record, where you could find these three stars?
  3. This former Gunsmoke star was showing How the West Was Won in 1979.
  4. This actor is also known for playing which iconic Star Trek villain?
  5. What is the name of the character on the left?
  6. Recognize this trio?
  7. The actor on the left later starred in which crime series?
  8. This cover was promoting "The Next Generations," the sequel to which smash miniseries?
  9. These partners could be seen on which action show?
  10. The fine print tells you the actors' names — which show were they promoting?
  11. This is former Bonanza star Pernell Roberts. In 1979, he was playing a character first seen on M*A*S*H. Which actor played this same role on M*A*S*H?
  12. This cover illustration featured a collection of popular talk show hosts. The red arrow is pointing to…?
  13. Finally, these gentlemen could be seen hosting which program?
Try to name every celebrity on the cover of TV Guide in 1979

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