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Try to name these '70s and '80s pop stars from their eyes alone

"Eyes without a faceā€¦"

Some musicians are so iconic, you need only a part of their face to know their name.

At least, that's the theory here. We bet you can recognize these pop icons and rock stars from the Seventies and Eighties from their eyes alone. If it helps, they come from their album covers (mostly). Try to name them all!
  1. Can you recognize a Beatle by his brow? Which of the Fab Four is this?
  2. His eyes might not match, but they certainly are memorable.
  3. Can you recognize the eyes of this country icon under all that hair?
  4. Her distinctive eyebrows and liner might give you a clue.
  5. Who is this staring back at you?
  6. Who is this rock star with the baby blues?
  7. Unlike Superman, he can't hid his identity behind spectacles.
  8. These eyes have seen a lot.
  9. See if you can identify these stylish '70s eyes.
  10. These eyes have soul.
  11. Which member of KISS is this?
  12. See if these eyebrows ring a bell.
  13. Finally, we couldn't do this quiz without the singer of "Eyes Without a Face."
Try to name these '70s and '80s pop stars from their eyes alone

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