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Which American auto company manufactured these classic car models?

Would you rather drive a Jet or Comet?

Car names today just seem like a jumble of letters of numbers. XJ4, CK82, ST9. We're not even sure if those are real or not. We just randomly mashed the keyboard.

Car names should be a proper noun. We miss Gremlins, Hornets, Barracudas, Comets and Demons. Wouldn't you rather drive a Jet than an RX 350?

Lot of models have come and gone over the last century. Heck, dozens of automakers have come and gone. Below you will find trios of bygone automobiles. You pick the brand that sold them. Good luck!
  1. Versailles, Town Car, Continental
  2. Fiero, Firebird, Sunbird
  3. Aspen, Omni, Diplomat
  4. CJ-8 Scrambler, Wagoneer, Comache
  5. Dart, Monaco, Coronet
  6. Eagle, Gremlin, Pacer
  7. Granada, Pinto, Falcon
  8. LeMans, Safari, Tempest
  9. Road Runner, Duster, Fury
  10. Laser, Scamp, Barracuda
  11. Electra, Skylark, Estate
  12. Capri, Marquis, Montego
  13. Hornet, Wasp, Jet
  14. Celebrity, Citation, El Camino
  15. Cimarron, Seville, Calais
  16. President, Lark, Scotsman
Which American auto company manufactured these classic car models?

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