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Which of these one-hit wonders is from 1999?

How good is your knowledge of one-hit wonders?

1999 was a big year, wasn't it? The turn of the century the introduction of the Euro, The Sopranos premiering on HBO, the premiere of SpongeBob, things were really getting going in 1999. 1999 was also a great year for one-hit wonders, if you can believe it. Can you pick out which of these one-hit wonders released in 1999? Let's find out!
  1. Which of these one-hit wonders came out in 1999?
  2. How about these?
  3. These ones?
  4. What about these ones?
  5. These two?
  6. What about these?
  7. Know these songs?
  8. Any of these ring a bell?
  9. Which of these?
  10. Finally, how about these?
Which of these one-hit wonders is from 1999?

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