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Which star of the show sang these TV theme songs?

Some stars sure are multitalented!

Hollywood stars are multitalented. Just look at how many actors have a singing career.

In fact, the theme songs to many classic TV shows were sung by a member of the cast. We bet you remember the tunes, but do you know which actor was belting out the lyrics?

To make it a little more challenging, we're going to only give you the name of the songs — without the names of the TV shows. But we bet you television experts can ace it. Good luck!
  1. Which actors sang the song "Green Acres"?
  2. He rose to fame as Heath Barkley. In the 1980s, he starred in another popular show and sand the theme "Unknown Stuntman."
  3. What sitcom star sang "Yo Home to Bel-Air"?
  4. Which actor sang the theme song "Gimme a Break"?
  5. Which star of the show sang "21 Jump Street Theme"?
  6. Which actor would have sang both of these theme songs: "You Can Count on Me" and "B.J. and the Bear"?
  7. Which actor sang the theme song titled "Eight Is Enough"?
  8. This former Jeffersons star went on to sing a theme called "There's No Place Like Home."
  9. This former Wagon Train star later sang a theme song called "Oh Shenandoah."
  10. This gospel-singing star sang a theme called "Walk With You."
  11. This actor belted out "Fame."
  12. This actress sang the theme song to her sitcom. It was called "There's a New Girl in Town."
Which star of the show sang these TV theme songs?

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