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Who are these actors and shows on the cover of TV Guide in 1961?

Match these faces to the correct names!

You knew you truly made it to television fame when your face graced the cover of TV Guide. Then again, since the weekly listings magazine published 52 issues a year, there was room for a lot of celebrities.

Everyone from Fred Flintstone to Ronald Reagan appeared on the cover of the essential publication (remember, this was the best way to know what was on TV!) in 1961. So did all of these other stars. See if you can match the image to the correct names!

All images: TV Guide / TV Guide Cover Archive

  1. Which new sitcom was Mary Tyler Moore promoting in 1961?
  2. Here is Bob Keeshan. You know him better as…?
  3. This was considered a "smokey eye" in 1961. Who is it?
  4. Which Western is this?
  5. Do you recognize this sitcom headliner in full color? Name the show!
  6. Which show was Bob Denver promoting here?
  7. You could find her on which Western?
  8. Here is Martin Milner promoting his show…?
  9. Can you place these boys in blue to the correct show?
  10. The "Many Faces of Richard Boone" could be seen on which Western?
  11. Recognize this rising star of 'The Garry Moore Show'?
  12. Majorie Lord got a cover to herself in March 1961. She starred on which sitcom?
  13. Lola Albright starred on which series? Hint: He's right there next to her!
  14. Hey, it's Harry Morgan from M*A*S*H! But back then, he was starring in which sitcom?
  15. The (musical) "Man Behind the Beard" is…?
  16. Lori Martin and this horse were the stars of which show?
Who are these actors and shows on the cover of TV Guide in 1961?

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