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Who is this kissing on TV in the Eighties?

Which beloved characters are locking lips?

Eighties television was filled with big hair and big kisses. We've gathered some, like, totally memorable smooches from the '80s.

See if you can recognize the characters in moments of romance! Good luck!

  1. Who is kissing Sam on Cheers?
  2. Who is the man in the mullet getting a smooch?
  3. Okay, how about this man in a mullet?
  4. Which ace lawyer is getting one on the lips here?
  5. Which primetime soap featured this passionate kiss?
  6. Which romantic show is this?
  7. Lucille Ball hosted the "Best of" this sitcom in a special 1982 episode.
  8. Who is loving the alien?
  9. Who is kissing in this 1983 series finale?
  10. Who is kissing in this 1988 series premiere?
  11. Who is this man of action?
  12. Finally, who is this planting a kiss on the forehead?
Who is this kissing on TV in the Eighties?

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