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Who is this kissing on TV in the Seventies?

See if you can recognize these celebrity smoochers!

In the 1970s, love was in the air. Well, it was at least on the air. Love, American Style, The Love Boat, Bridget Loves Bernie, Get Christie Love! — there were a lot of "Love" shows.

Not to mention kissing! So much smooching! We've gathered some smacks from the Seventies. 

See if you can recognize the people planting their lips in the scenes below!

  1. Aaaayyyyy! Who is kissing the Fonz?
  2. It was one of the most-watched kisses in TV history. Who is the bride?
  3. You can't talk about Seventies TV kisses without The Love Boat. It's Toni Tennille of Captain & Tennille! You know the fellow best for playing…?
  4. On which show is this kiss taking place?
  5. Who is Charlie Brown kissing in the 1977 special It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown?
  6. Which characters is Ted Danson kissing?
  7. Who is kissing Billie Joe?
  8. Which show is this?
  9. Which Walton is locking lips?
  10. Which actress is Marshal Matt Dillon kissing in this scene?
  11. This game show host was known for playing which Hogan's Heroes character?
  12. Name the character getting a kiss here.
  13. Finally, who is the man in the hat?
Who is this kissing on TV in the Seventies?

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