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Who sang this hit: The Carpenters or Captain & Tennille?

Which super '70s duo recorded these Top 40 tunes?

They were two of the biggest pop duos of the Seventies — especially if you listened to a lot of soft-rock radio.

The Carpenters and Captain & Tennille ruled the airwaves with songs about dancing and touching and rain. They ruled television, too, with their variety shows and specials.

Think you can tell them apart? All of these songs (but one) broke into the Top 40 of the Billboard pop charts. Who sang what?

  1. "Do That to Me One More Time"
  2. "Muskrat Love"
  3. "(They Long to Be) Close to You"
  4. "Touch Me When We're Dancing"
  5. "Can't Stop Dancin'"
  6. "The Way I Want to Touch You"
  7. "Rainy Days and Mondays"
  8. "Come in from the Rain"
  9. "We've Only Just Begun"
  10. "Top of the World"
  11. "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)"
  12. "Love Will Keep Us Together"
  13. "There's a Kind of Hush"
  14. "Lonely Nights (Angel Face)"
Who sang this hit: The Carpenters or Captain & Tennille?

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