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Who saved the day: Wonder Woman or the Petticoat Junction girls?

Can you tell a superhero from a Bradley sister?

Image: The Everett Collection

It's easy to think of Petticoat Junction as a sitcom where the three beautiful daughters always needed saving. But that overlooks every episode where Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo and their mother Kate did everything in their power to put things right in their little community.

So we took a look back at our favorite Petticoat Junction episodes where the girls saved the day to see if you can separate the Bradley sisters most heroic moments from Wonder Woman's everyday bravery.

Think you can tell a superhero from a Bradley sister? Take the quiz and find out!
  1. Here is Don Knotts playing cowboy in a Western. Did it happen on TV or in a movie?
  2. Hey, it's the incomparable Carol Burnett! Is she in a movie or TV show here?
  3. Andy is far from Mayberry here, but is he in a movie or TV show?
  4. Chuck Connors is best known as the Rifleman. Here, however, he has scissors for hands. Was this for a movie or TV show?
  5. Here's Raymond Burr. But is the Perry Mason star on TV or on the big screen?
  6. Steve McQueen is one of the coolest cats that ever acted. Is he on TV or the silver screen here?
  7. Adam West was the best as Bruce Wayne. But where is he here?
  8. Clint Eastwood is a real man's man. Where is he playing cowboy here?
  9. Mary Tyler Moore had all sorts of roles before her sitcom. Where was this one?
  10. Leonard Nimoy was far more than Spock. But where is he here?
  11. Here is Lynda Carter in 1976. But where is she?
  12. Finally, we have Lucy and Desi. But where is the power couple?
  13. Who enters a beauty contest to expose a scandal?
  14. When there's a havoc-wreaking chimp making a mess of things, who takes action?
  15. Who must battle a vindictive man to stop a nasty plague from spreading?
  16. Who must battle a hard-headed man to stop a flu outbreak?
  17. Who stops a rock star who literally hypnotizes his fans?
  18. Who discovers an unlikely ally in an alien invader?
  19. Who helps a country singer who kidnapped an orphan?
  20. Who creates unlikely enemies when she enters a beauty contest?
  21. Who must deal with a chimp who can read minds?
  22. Who decides a visiting stranger is actually an alien invader?
  23. Bonus question, so let's flip the logic. Who gets saved by orphan kids after becoming trapped in an abandoned jail?
Who saved the day: Wonder Woman or the Petticoat Junction girls?

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