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Who was never married to Elizabeth Taylor?

She married actors, politicians and even a construction worker!

Image: Associated Press

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood who led a life of glamour and opulence. 

In addition to her incredible body of acting work, philanthropy, and sleek style, Taylor is remembered for her seven spouses, who were a diverse group of men. (There were eight marriages, as she was twice wed to the same person.) Looking back, it's clear the actress didn't have a type.  

The rising tally of marriages became a subject the tabloids couldn't get enough of. There was drama and bizarre circumstance nearly every time she walked down the aisle. 

How well do you remember Elizabeth Taylor? Can you figure out which person was never married to her?
  1. Which person was NEVER married to Elizabeth Taylor?
Who was never married to Elizabeth Taylor?

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