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You have to be a Baby Boomer to ace this quiz

Sorry, Millennials, you can't win all of the internet.

Bad news, Millennials, you might be in over your head here. Gen-Xers, perhaps some of your parents' pop culture rubbed off. But we think it's going to take a true Baby Boomer to ace this quiz. 

But if you can get 14 or more correct, you're still an expert on 20th-century Americana. Good luck!
  1. Where would you find a "banana seat"?
  2. Why were penny loafers called "penny loafers"?
  3. Which number takes the LONGEST to dial on a rotary telephone?
  4. Where would you press to take a photo on a Polaroid?
  5. Where is the engine on this Volkswagen Beetle?
  6. How would you fix this television picture?
  7. What was this device used for?
  8. What did the 1950s slang "duck's ass" refer to?
  9. What popular artist created the artwork seen on this stamp?
  10. What was unique about the original Mr. Potato Head?
  11. How many programs or "sides" are there on an 8-track cassette tape?
  12. Who was Dr. Spock?
  13. What was the name of the clown on 'The Howdy Doody Show'?
  14. What was unique about the eyes on the original Barbie doll?
  15. When the G.I. Joe: America's Movable Fighting Man doll launched in 1964, how many different G.I. characters were first available?
  16. There are four men in the 1960s. Each one has a different draft classification status. Which one could have gone to serve in Vietnam?
  17. What is the name of this Alka-Seltzer mascot?
  18. Which of the following styles of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars would you have been able to buy in 1959?
  19. Which of the following people was NOT an original Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club?
  20. Finally, what company introduced the Hula Hoop, the Frisbee and the Super Ball?
You have to be a Baby Boomer to ace this quiz

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