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You'll never guess how old these stars were when their shows started!

When it comes to launching a hit show, age is just a number!

Images: The Everett Collection

All you have to do is look at J. Lo or Paul Rudd to know that 50-years-old today looks a lot different than 50-years-old looked 50 years ago.

That can make guessing the age of actors pretty tough. The facial hair, makeup and hairstyles of classic television can make actors look older or younger than you expect.

Here are some iconic television stars from throughout history. We grabbed images of them from the start of the series. 

Can you guess how old these actors were on the day that their shows premiered?

  1. How old was Lucille Ball when 'I Love Lucy' premiered?
  2. How old was series creator and narrator Rod Serling when 'The Twilight Zone' kicked off in 1959?
  3. How old was Leonard Nimoy when 'Star Trek' blasted off in 1966?
  4. How old was Ponderosa patriarch Lorne Greene when 'Bonanza' premiered?
  5. Let's visit Mayberry. How old was Frances Bavier in "The New Housekeeper"?
  6. What about Andy? How old was he in that 'Andy Griffith Show' debut?
  7. How old was Raymond Burr when 'Perry Mason' premiered?
  8. How old was Vicki Lawrence when 'Mama's Family' began in 1983?
  9. How old was the beloved Betty White when 'The Golden Girls' premiered in 1985?
  10. Aaaayyy! How old was Henry Winkler really when the Fonz made his debut on 'Happy Days' in in 1974?
  11. How old was Mary Tyler Moore as Laure Petrie when 'The Dick Van Dyke' show began?
  12. How old was Eve "Jan" Plumb in the premiere of 'The Brady Bunch'?
  13. How old was Michael Chiklis when 'The Commish' began in 1991?
  14. How old was Gabe Kaplan when 'Welcome Back, Kotter' kicked off?
  15. Just one more thing… how old was Peter Falk in the first Columbo mystery, 1968's "Prescription Murder"?
You'll never guess how old these stars were when their shows started!

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