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Your mission… I.D. these members of the IMF team on Mission: Impossible

Remember all these characters from the original show?

The fuse is lit… the clock is ticking… time to take a television quiz!

Mission: Impossible continues to be a blockbuster franchise to this day. It all began in 1966 with the original series. With cast members like Leonard Nimoy and Martin Landau, no wonder it was a hit. 

Over its seven-season run, M:I utilized a dozen or so skilled team members on its Impossible Missions Force. See if you remember all these IMF agents!

  1. Peter Graves played this leader of the IMF from the second season onward. (Jon Voight played the character in the 1996 movie.)
  2. Rollin was the "man of a million faces" and had a last name that was a human body part. What is his name?
  3. Leonard Nimoy later became the master of disguise, named after a European city.
  4. Barbara Bain played this spicy model/actress on the squad.
  5. Greg Morris appeared in the most episodes. Recognize his character with a mustache?
  6. After Morris, Peter Lupus appeared in the second-most episodes as…?
  7. Sam Elliott is hard to recognize with his iconic mustache as the doctor…?
  8. Steven Hill portrayed this IMF leader in season one.
  9. Lesley Ann Warren was this female member of the team in season five.
  10. Lynda Day George was the cosmetologist and mistress-of-disguise named Lisa, but people mostly called her by her last name…?
  11. Lee Meriwether was an early temporary replacement for Barbara Bain playing this character.
  12. Barbara Anderson (from Ironside) briefly filled in as this secret agent in the final season.
Your mission… I.D. these members of the IMF team on Mission: Impossible

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