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First Open-Heart Surgery

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was one of the few African-American surgeons of the early 1890s. He performed the first successful open-heart surgery at Provident Hospital in Chicago in 1893. James Cornish arrived at Provident with a stab wound to the chest on July 9. Dr. Williams' training and instincts led him to the unprecedented and experimental surgery of cracking open the chest and sewing up a gash in the sac around the heart. Cornish not only survived but outlived Dr. Williams.

Cross Country Air Mail Service

The concept of transporting mail via airplane was revolutionary enough in the early 1900s, but ... more

The Stamp Act Provokes Ire

After Britain won the battle to claim territory west of the Ohio River Valley, they realized ... more

Ted Nugent talks "Stranglehold"

"I don't play guitar licks, I am those licks," says "Stranglehold" musician Ted Nugent for Sounds ... more
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