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6:00AM ET
The Millionaire - The Story of Betty Perkins "Betty moves to Miami to find love and excitement instead she finds a switchboard operator job and snobs."
6:30AM ET
The Millionaire - The Maggie Sheeler Story "Widow Maggie Sheeler is perplexed by her son who won't accept her new boyfriend."
7:00AM ET
Rowan & Martin's Laugh In - Season 5, Episode 7 "Sketches include the gorilla runner, the prison blackout, the record store, the fortune teller, the explanation of life and the grand Prix, this is your life, fact or fiction, the queen, celebrity news, and the cheerleader. Featuring Lee Grant, Marcel Marceau, Willie Shoemaker, Tiny Tim, and Jill St. John."
8:00AM ET
Through the Decades - March 24 "On March 24, “Through the Decades” remembers the day Rock and Roll star Elvis Presley was inducted into the U.S. army in 1958, where he would serve two years. We also take a look back on the day the John F. Kennedy half-dollar coin was released in 1964, and on the day of his birth, we profile the master of magic – Harry Houdini."
9:00AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - Military School "Mary has a crush on her boyfriend's cousin who is visiting from military school."
9:30AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - Mary's Driving Lesson "Mary's friend Scotty teaches her how to drive. Their battles behind the wheel remind Donna of her driving lessons years ago with Alex."
10:00AM ET
Petticoat Junction - The Santa Claus Special "Scrooge-like Homer Bedloe derails Kate's plan for Christmas Eve caroling and gift-distributing aboard the Hooterville Cannonball"
10:30AM ET
Petticoat Junction - My Daughter the Secretary "Kate Bradley's perennial foe, Selma Plout, schemes to cheat Kate's daughter, Billie Jo, out of a weekend in Eagle Springs, Wisconsin for the Association of Women's Clubs Recording Secretaries annual meeting."
11:00AM ET
Family Affair - Oliver "The twins convince Uncle Bill to let their friend Oliver stay over without telling him that he's a dog."
11:30AM ET
Family Affair - Christmas Came a Little Early "Buffy throws an early Christmas party for a sick girl from her class."
12:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Puts Main Street on the Map "Picking up where the previous episode (Main Street USA) left off, Lucy, Mr. Mooney, and Mel Tinker stage a shootout at the bank for press coverage. Their hope is to bring the freeway problem to the attention of the world."
12:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Meets the Law "Lucy is mistaken for a shoplifter called "The Red Flash" and taken to jail, but she thinks she's in jail because she littered a candy wrapper."
1:00PM ET
I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress "Lucy and Ethel prepare for their TV debut and accidently buy the same dress."
1:30PM ET
I Love Lucy - The Girls Go Into Business "Lucy and Ethel buy a dress shop and realize the deal was too good to be true."
2:00PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Mary Moves Out "Mary chases after change when her life feels boring."
2:30PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Mary's Father "When a priest reveals he's leaving the church, Mary suspects she's the reason why."
3:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - October Eve "Laura's past comes back to haunt her in form of a naked painting."
3:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail "Rob is set to jail for disorderly conduct!"
4:00PM ET
The Bob Newhart Show - It Didn’t Happen One Night "While Bob is away, his friends suspect Emily is up to something with a handsome old flame."
4:30PM ET
Newhart - The Nice Man Cometh "Dick is forced to be the sidekick for a new late-night talk show, Vermont Tonight."
5:00PM ET
The Odd Couple - Let's Make a Deal "When Oscar burns up Felix's bed, he tries to set things right by suggesting Felix appear on Let's Make a Deal, hosted by Oscar's college friend, Monty Hall."
5:30PM ET
The Odd Couple - The Odyssey Couple "Oscar lies to his mother and tells her that he has a girl -- and she wants to meet her."
6:00PM ET
The Carol Burnett Show - Season 3, Episode 10 "Poetically-named guest stars Martha Raye and Tim Conway come to play, with Martha joining Carol in a sketch about a pair of mothers in the park, and Tim scoring (laughs) as "The Virgin Prince." Originally aired 12/08/1969."
7:00PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - Leslie Uggams, Enzo Stuarti, and more "Today's episode features the Turtles, Leslie Uggams, Kiego Imperial Dancers, Aliza Kashfi, and Enzo Stuarti."
7:30PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - Gwen Verdon, Lesley Gore, and more "Today's episode features Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Gwen Verdon and two dancers, Mason Williams, Alan King, and Lesley Gore."
8:00PM ET
Through the Decades - March 24 "On March 24, “Through the Decades” remembers the day Rock and Roll star Elvis Presley was inducted into the U.S. army in 1958, where he would serve two years. We also take a look back on the day the John F. Kennedy half-dollar coin was released in 1964, and on the day of his birth, we profile the master of magic – Harry Houdini."
9:00PM ET
The Dick Cavett Show - Phil Silvers, Pauline Tabor, and Joe Moss "Phil Silvers talks about A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the advice Jack Benny gave him before The Phil Silvers Show. Later, Pauline Tabor discusses being a madame, and Joe Moss speaks on marijuana's danger."
10:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Punch Thy Neighbor "Jerry constant teasing about "The Alan Brady Show" causes a rift with Rob."
10:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Who Owes Who What? "Rob tries to find a way to secretly remind Buddy of an unpaid debt."
11:00PM ET
Cheers - A Bar is Born "Sam considers opening a bar of his own to give his life purpose."
11:30PM ET
Cheers - How to Marry a Mailman "Cliff realizes his deep fear of commitment while making wedding plans."
12:00AM ET
Taxi - On the Job (Part 2) "A temporary layoff causes the gang to find other jobs. They meet in Mario's to exchange stories."
12:30AM ET
Newhart - Summa Cum Larry "Dick covers for Larry when he wants to keep night school a secret from the Darryls."
1:00AM ET
The Lost Honeymooners - People's Choice (Part 2) "Ralph's heroics land him a spot running for city council."
1:30AM ET
Get Smart - Spy, Spy, Birdie "A man who only wants quiet in the world invents a silent explosive."
2:00AM ET
The Phil Silvers Show - Doberman the Crooner "Bilko discovers that Doberman has a beautiful singing voice but only when he has a cold. So Bilko gets him to make a record, but by then the doctors have cured his cold and his real voice returns."
2:30AM ET
Car 54, Where Are You? - Occupancy, August 1st "Mrs. Bronson tries to move into an apartment which is still under construction."
3:00AM ET
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - Be It Ever So Humble "Dobie mistakenly thinks that a homesick Maynard has gone AWOL so he wrangles a three day pass to bring him back to the base."
3:30AM ET
The Abbott and Costello Show - The Western Story "Bud and Lou accept Hillary's invitation to visit her uncle's B-Bar-Bop ranch."
4:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Stolen Aerial "A free antenna repair causes nothing but trouble for Miss Brooks when everyone asks her to fix theirs too."
4:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Hobby Show "A hobby show with the intention of lightening Miss Brooks' workload only causes more problems."
5:00AM ET
Dark Shadows - December 7, 1967 "Natalie starts to suspect Joshua's disappearance is linked to Victoria."
5:30AM ET
Dark Shadows - December 8, 1967 "Angelique is forced to cast a new spell on Josette."
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