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6:00AM ET
Rhoda - Let's Call in Love "Not having much time together, Rhoda and Joe decide to lock themselves away in their apartment, letting the world pass by."
6:30AM ET
Rhoda - Don't Give Up the Office "Rhoda fears her window dressing business is going broke, and so is she."
7:00AM ET
Rhoda - The Seperation "While out house hunting, Joe veto's Rhoda's choice of a dream house, leading to a separation of the Gerards."
7:30AM ET
Rhoda - Together Again For The First Time "Rhoda makes an unexpected stop at Joe's new apartment, which leads to an awkward 'first' date between the two."
8:00AM ET
Rhoda - No Big Deal "Rhoda switches apartments with her neighbor as an economy move, but the swinging bachelor asks her for a date."
8:30AM ET
Rhoda - I Won't Dance "Brenda joins Rhoda for a weekend getaway for singles to distance herself from missing Joe."
9:00AM ET
Rhoda - H-E-E-E-E-R'-S Johnny "Rhoda's boyfriend fixes up Rhoda with a loud, pushy, arrogant and egotistical showbiz type."
9:30AM ET
Rhoda - Two Little Words: Marriage Counselor "In an attempt to get their marriage back on track, Joe and Rhoda see a marriage counselor in order to work out their problems. During the session, Joe discloses a startling piece of information."
10:00AM ET
Rhoda - An Elephant Never Forgets "A problem weighs heavy for Rhoda when she learns she has gained a few pounds, while Brenda has slimmed down for the first time in her life, which means she will have to leave her fitness club."
10:30AM ET
Rhoda - Rhoda Questions Her Life and Flies to Paris "Rhoda has herself convinced that her life has become drab, and does something impulsive to prove to Joe that she is not dull."
11:00AM ET
Rhoda - Meet the Levys "Rhoda is convinced by Gary to pretend she is his girlfriend and meet his family, who gives their prospective daughter-in-law the once over."
11:30AM ET
Rhoda - Love For Sale "Rhoda and Brenda help out Gary as he runs a day-long sale at his clothing store, and Brenda comes home with a new romance in tow."
12:00PM ET
Rhoda - A Night in the Emergency Room "After Rhoda inadvertently breaks up Brenda and her new boyfriend, musician Nick Lobo, he winds up breaking Rhoda's big toe."
12:30PM ET
Rhoda - Somebody Has to Say They're Sorry "Rhoda is jailed after being mistaken as a prostitute by the police because one lives a few doors down from her apartment."
1:00PM ET
Rhoda - Ultimatum "Rhoda informs Joe that if he doesn't return home soon, she will begin to date other men."
1:30PM ET
Rhoda - Rhoda's Mystery Man "Rhoda receives anonymous gifts of candy, roses and a diamond pendant from an unknown mystery man."
2:00PM ET
Rhoda - Nick Lobo, Superstar "Having made a promise to his father 5 years earlier, Nick Lobo, Brenda's musician boyfriend now must become a "superstar" or go back to work at his father's business as a trash collector."
2:30PM ET
Rhoda - The Second Time Around "Rhoda goes out on a date with Brenda's boss."
3:00PM ET
Rhoda - Pajama Party Bingo "During an all-night pajama party, a game of "truth or dare" brings back an sisterly jealousy between Brenda and Rhoda."
3:30PM ET
Rhoda - To Vegas With Love "Rhoda heads to Las Vegas for another date with Johnny Venture, an amorous long-distance suitor."
4:00PM ET
Rhoda - The Return of Ida "Ida returns home from her cross country tour only to discover that Rhoda is divorced and Brenda refuses to talk about her private affairs."
4:30PM ET
Rhoda - One Is a Number "Rhoda seems back to her old life when she realizes she has a pair of great theater seats and no one to go with."
5:00PM ET
Rhoda - Ida Works Out "Ida wants to buy her husband a new waterbed for their wedding anniversary and takes on a job working at the Doyle Costume Company."
5:30PM ET
Rhoda - Home Movies "Ida sets up a family dinner, and to keep it from being dull breaks in with the home movies."
6:00PM ET
Rhoda - Blind Date "Ida informs Rhoda that she has arranged for her to go on another blind date."
6:30PM ET
Rhoda - Ida Alone "Brenda and Rhoda try to give Ida's spirits a boost after she realizes all her friends are deceased."
7:00PM ET
Rhoda - Happy Anniversary "Ida is hinting around to see if a party is scheduled for her anniversary, but everyone tells her that she is mistaken."
7:30PM ET
Rhoda - Gary and Ida "Rhoda and Brenda have tired of playing 'mom' to Gary, now that his parents are living in Florida, and Ida takes over until even she has had too much."
8:00PM ET
Rhoda - As Time Goes By "Rhoda and Jack are locked in the stores basement as a party rages upstairs to bring in new business."
8:30PM ET
Rhoda - Two's Company "Gary and Benny go into business together, but find out that working with friends is a horrible idea."
9:00PM ET
Rhoda - Brenda, The Bank Girl "Brenda's bank is holding their final First Security Bank Girl, and she is finally in the running to win."
9:30PM ET
Rhoda - So Long, Lucky "Rhoda finds her day has been filled with a number of wacky mishaps."
10:00PM ET
Rhoda - Jack's Back "When an evening out with Jack is shortened due to his bad back, Rhoda finds herself playing nurse to him."
10:30PM ET
Rhoda - Five For The Road (Part 1) "Jack has been feeling down all week long, so Rhoda decides to cheer him up by heading out on a road trip...but even that turns out to be a disaster."
11:00PM ET
Rhoda - Five For The Road (Part 2) "With their car stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere, food supplies are running low and tempers are running high, the two of them realize they have learned a valuable lesson."
11:30PM ET
Rhoda - Martin Doesn't Live Here Anymore "Rhoda and Brenda have set up a 60th birthday party for their father, but are told that he is feeling ill. Later they learn the truth, that he had moved out over 2 weeks ago."
12:00AM ET
Rhoda - In Search of Martin "Rhoda, Brenda and Bennie head to Florida in search for their father."
12:30AM ET
Rhoda - Rhoda vs. Ida "Rhoda becomes upset when she learns that Ida is dating a much younger man."
1:00AM ET
Rhoda - Brenda Gets Engaged "Brenda and Bennie become engaged, but Ida refuses to give her blessing for this wedding."
1:30AM ET
Rhoda - Meet The Goodwins "Rhoda accompanies Brenda on her first meeting with Bennie's family, and who'd expect that she would hit it off with his brother. Unfortunately, this leads to one of her worst dates ever."
2:00AM ET
Rhoda - Ida's Roomate "Ida decides to add a roommate in order to divert the cost of living in New York. But the couple she chooses leaves her to rethink her idea."
2:30AM ET
Rhoda - Martin Comes Home "Martin returns from Florida and is ready to reconcile with Ida. But Ida believes she deserves a second courtship to see if they still have that spark."
3:00AM ET
Rhoda - Jack's New Image "Rhoda convinces Jack that he will need a set of new clothes to match his svelte body, but both wish they hadn't."
3:30AM ET
Rhoda - The Total Brenda "Benny has a feeling of being down, so Brenda decides to give him her total attention to cheer him up."
4:00AM ET
Rhoda - The Date in the Iron Mask "Rhoda's date manages to get his head stuck inside a kooky mask just before it's time to head off to an awards dinner."
4:30AM ET
Rhoda - Martin Swallows His Heart "Martin accidentally swallows a golden heart-shaped pendant he bought for Ida, just after giving to him."
5:00AM ET
Rhoda - Earl's Helping Hand "Earl, Benny's brother, offers Jack the $5,000 he needs to keep his store from going into debt. But this is only a plot to spend more time with Rhoda."
5:30AM ET
Rhoda - Brenda Runs Away "Brenda runs away having felt as if everyone was trying to run her life for her."
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