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6:00AM ET
The Millionaire - The Dan Howell Story "A one million dollar check is made out to policeman Dan Howell. But Howell refuses the check, convinced that it is a bribe."
6:30AM ET
The Millionaire - The Newman Johnson Story "Clumsy and awkward Newman Johnson receives the check for one million dollars and pursues the girl of his dreams."
7:00AM ET
Rowan & Martin's Laugh In - Season 4, Episode 21 "Sketches include Ernestine's call, Gladys' romance, a confused Truman, the clown production number, sex education quickies, the fickle finger of fate, the mod world of working girls, help wanted, the mean nurse, and the joke wall. Featuring Dinah Shore, Truman Capote, and Peter Lawford."
8:00AM ET
Through the Decades - Throught the Decades: August 17 "On August 17, Through the Decades recalls a hurricane that prompted the creation of the scale now used to measure and rank storms. We also look back on the discovery of AZT – a vital drug that broke ground in the fight against AIDS – and we profile the decades-spanning acting career of Robert De Niro."
9:00AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - Everywhere That Mary Goes "A new boy at Mary's school follows her everywhere to protect her from other boys he feels do not treat her right."
9:30AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - The Handy Man "Donna is the only person who sees the solution to the problems of a handyman who can't fix anything."
10:00AM ET
Petticoat Junction - President Who Came to Dinner, The (Part 1) "Since Homer Bedloe was unable to get the Hooterville Cannonball decommissioned, C&F W Railroad President Norman P. Curtis decides to go to Hooterville and do it disguise."
10:30AM ET
Petticoat Junction - Is There a Doctor in the Roundhouse? (Part 2) "The folks of Hooterville are unable to attend Kate's annual Shady Rest Jamboree, after railroad president Norman P. Curtis breaks the throttle of the Cannonball by accident."
11:00AM ET
Family Affair - One for the Little Boy "Mr. French is called away unexpectedly and provides his brother Nigel French as a substitute gentleman's gentleman."
11:30AM ET
Family Affair - Fancy Free "While Uncle Bill is busy dating, the twins turn to a friendly window washer for math homework."
12:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy's Substitute Secretary "Lucy is preparing to go on vacation, but she has a change of heart when her substitute secretary turns out to be an attractive blonde who Mr. Mooney really likes. Lucy secretly doesn't go on vacation, and spies on them in various disguises."
12:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Viv Visits Lucy "Recently married Vivian leaves Danfield to visit Lucy and the two begin gossiping and making up for lost time. When Viv tells Lucy about a friend's son who's now sporting long-hair, a guitar and a clock earring, the duo decide to dress up as hippies and set off to Sunset Strip to find "Itchy" to rescue him from the underworld. Lucy and Viv quickly find themselves in The Hairy Ape, where they finally find Itchy entertaining – after they spend the evening having to dance with the hip crowd."
1:00PM ET
I Love Lucy - Lucy Gets in Pictures "Lucy finally gets her shot in a big budget musical."
1:30PM ET
I Love Lucy - Hollywood at Last! "Now in Hollywood, Lucy trips over herself as she runs into stars."
2:00PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - A Boy's Best Friend "Ted is furious when his mother moves in with her boyfriend rather than marrying him."
2:30PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - A Son For Murray "Murray's sudden urge to have a son causes problems at home and in the newsroom."
3:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - My Mother Can Beat up My Father "Rob tells a nurse how he wound up in the hospital, and it's Laura's fault."
3:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - The Ghost of a Chantz "Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally spend the night in a seemingly haunted cabin."
4:00PM ET
The Bob Newhart Show - You're Having My Hartley "Emily and Carol both reveal they're pregnant."
4:30PM ET
Newhart - Twelve Annoyed Men... and Women "Dick's patience is tried when he's elected foreman of a jury of the townspeople."
5:00PM ET
The Odd Couple - Shuffling Off to Buffalo "Felix's brother gives him a job in Buffalo, to Oscar's delight."
5:30PM ET
The Odd Couple - A Different Drummer "Felix tries to get his old college band on Monty Hall's nostalgia program."
6:00PM ET
Carol Burnett Show, The (Hours) - Season 10, Episode 16 "Tonight, Tim and Carol spar over a late-night phone call, Tim tries to sell Vicki a vacuum cleaner, and the talented Carol and company demonstrate their utter lack of talent as musicians in a recital. Originally aired 1/22/1977."
7:00PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - The Byrds, Petula Clark, and more "Today's episode features the Byrds, Petula Clark, Rudy Schweitzer, Glenn Yarbrough, Barbara McNair, Jackie Vernon, Two Carmenas."
7:30PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - The Temptations, Floyd Patterson, and more "Today's episode features the Temptations, the Canestrellis, Bill Medley, Buddy Rich, Marilyn Maye, John Byner, Sammy King, and Floyd Patterson."
8:00PM ET
Through the Decades - Throught the Decades: August 17 "On August 17, Through the Decades recalls a hurricane that prompted the creation of the scale now used to measure and rank storms. We also look back on the discovery of AZT – a vital drug that broke ground in the fight against AIDS – and we profile the decades-spanning acting career of Robert De Niro."
9:00PM ET
The Dick Cavett Show - Janis Joplin, Raquel Welch, Chet Huntley, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. "On The Dick Cavett Show, Janis Joplin chats about songwriting, Raquel Welch discusses her film Myra Breckinridge, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. talks about comparisons with his swashbuckling father, and Chet Huntley reveals his reasons for retiring from the news."
10:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - The Boarder Incident "Buddy's stay at the Petries causes endless problems."
10:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - A Word a Day "Richie has an expanding vocabulary which includes a bad word."
11:00PM ET
Cheers - Woody for Hire, Meets Norman of the Apes "Robert Urich visits Cheers when Woody makes his television debut."
11:30PM ET
Cheers - And God Created Woodman "Woody takes the rap for Rebecca when she breaks a priceless vase, only for it fire back in an unexpected way."
12:00AM ET
Taxi - Memories of Cab 804 (Part 2) "The gang continues an exchange of stories about their experiences in Cab 804."
12:30AM ET
WKRP in Cincinnati - A Mile in My Shoes "When Herb has jury duty, Andy takes over sales and Venus takes over programming."
1:00AM ET
The Lost Honeymooners - Framed in Spain (Part 1) "Blackmailers fake a photo of Ralph fooling around with a Spanish local in Madrid, making Alice jealous."
1:30AM ET
Get Smart - The Spirit Is Willing "Max must hold a séance to get information from a dead KAOS informer."
2:00AM ET
The Phil Silvers Show - Bilko's Perfect Day "For once everything goes right for Bilko, from hot showers in the morning, to picking all the winners in a horse race, but by the time he realizes it the day is over."
2:30AM ET
Car 54, Where Are You? - The Curse of the Snitkins "After Muldoon and Toody meet shy officer Snitkin, they convince him to join their Precinct, unaware that Snitkin has been a jinx wherever he goes."
3:00AM ET
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - Requiem for an Underweight Heavyweight "Maynard swallows some energy pills which give him superhuman strength. Herbert decides he should enter the boxing ring, with the elder Gillis as his manager."
3:30AM ET
The Abbott and Costello Show - The Charity Bazaar "Bud and Lou participate in Hillary's charity bazaar raising money with the "shell game." Lou blows his money at the kissing booth."
4:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Space, Who Needs It? "Walter tricks Mr. Conklin into believing he's discovered a new planet."
4:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Novelist "When a former student writes a tell-all, Miss Brooks regrets her remarks about Mr. Conklin."
5:00AM ET
Dark Shadows - September 25, 1967 "While Willie clings to life, Julia attempts to hypnotize David to stop his prying into Barnabas’ affairs."
5:30AM ET
Dark Shadows - September 26, 1967 "David realizes there is a coffin the Old House basement but Sarah warns him to stay away."
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