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6:00AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Fred Malcolm "Fred Malcolm is past middle age and living in comfort with his youngish wife. But his happy life changes when he inherits a million dollars. Tension grows as Fred discovers that someone is trying to kill him."
6:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Quentin Harwood "Although she loves her husband, Julia Harwood can no longer stand his stinginess. He is generous with time and energy but not with money."
7:00AM ET
Rowan & Martin's Laugh In - Season 6, Episode 4 "Sketches include the salute to law and order, Miss America, General Bullwright’s message, the tennis blackouts, the Blind date, the Italian-Jewish life, the liquor runners, the cheerleading squad, the Nanette want-ads, the China-Russia border, the Marine news, the salute to adult books, the salute to morality, the stripper bit, and the roller derby. Featuring Lucie Arnaz and Nanette Fabray."
8:00AM ET
Through the Decades - October 3 "On October 3, “Through the Decades” remembers the day in 1961 that hit sitcom “The Dick Van Dyke Show” premiered. We also take a look back on when O.J. Simpson was convicted of a new slate of crimes in 2008—13 years after he was notoriously acquitted of murder. And on the day of her birth, we profile singer Gwen Stefani."
9:00AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - The Testimonial "When Donna realizes that a retiring town doctor doesn't really want to retire, she turns his farewell dinner into a testimonial."
9:30AM ET
The Donna Reed Show - Miss Lovelace Comes to Tea "The Stones hire a housekeeper, so Donna can have more time for her charity work."
10:00AM ET
Petticoat Junction - The Chicken Killer "Uncle Joe runs as a candidate for the election of Hooterville mayor."
10:30AM ET
Petticoat Junction - There's No Stove Like an Old Stove "Uncle Joe has had enough of chopping wood for Kate so he hits upon an idea to make her buy a new stove."
11:00AM ET
Family Affair - My Man, the Star "Mr. French reluctantly takes on the role of King Henry VIII in a film production, not realizing the director is extremely inexperienced."
11:30AM ET
Family Affair - No Uncle is an Island "The children decide to give Uncle Bill some alone time, only to have the neighbors ruin it."
12:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Goes Duck Hunting "Enamored with her handsome, wealthy blind date, Lucy agrees to go duck hunting. After frightening all the ducks away, Lucy creates her own duck call, luring swarms of ducks."
12:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault (Part 1) "Lucy follows Mr. Mooney into the bank vault and then closes the door for privacy, causing them to be locked in until the next morning."
1:00PM ET
I Love Lucy - The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub "Lucy and Ethel decide to find new dates when their husbands won't take them to the Copacabana."
1:30PM ET
I Love Lucy - Be A Pal "Lucy fears Ricky is growing tired of her and revamps their house to remind him of home."
2:00PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - He's No Heavy, He My Brother "Mary and Rhoda's Mexican vacation includes having to deliver a secret package."
2:30PM ET
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Room 223 "Mary enrolls in journalism school to advance her career and falls for the teacher."
3:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - My Blonde-Haired Brunette "Worries of a dull marriage turn to worries of Rob's reaction when Mary gets a big make-over."
3:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Sally and the Lab Technician "Laura sets Sally up with a shy cousin and a disastrous dinner date ensues."
4:00PM ET
The Bob Newhart Show - I Want to Be Alone "Howard misinterprets Bob's solo-vacation as sign of divorce."
4:30PM ET
Newhart - This Probably Was Condemned "Dick and the gang pitch in to help Kirk get the Minuteman up to code after it's shut down."
5:00PM ET
The Odd Couple - Where's Grandpa? "With Felix out of town, his grandfather mopes at the apartment after breaking up with his wife, and turns out to be as jealous, neurotic and fastidious as his grandson."
5:30PM ET
The Odd Couple - Partner's Investment "Felix drags Oscar into being silent partners in a Japanese restaurant, which Felix's legendary persnicketiness quickly dooms."
6:00PM ET
The Carol Burnett Show - Season 2, Episode 24 "Guests Ronnie Schell and Vicki Carr take to the stage with stand-up and song (respectively)! Meanwhile, a touring star (Harvey) treads the boards in a play with a small town co-star in search of a bigger role. Originally aired 3/31/1969."
7:00PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - Wayne Newton, Tom Jones, and more "Today's episode features Tom Jones, Woody Herman and Orchestra, Shelley Berman, Robert Goulet, Jane Powell, Chong and Mana, Wayne Newton, and Martha and the Vandellas."
7:30PM ET
The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show - The Fifth Dimension, Jack Benny, and more "Today's episode features the Fifth Dimension, Jack Benny, Gilbert Price, Rich Little, the Muppets, and Melina Mercouri."
8:00PM ET
Through the Decades - October 3 "On October 3, “Through the Decades” remembers the day in 1961 that hit sitcom “The Dick Van Dyke Show” premiered. We also take a look back on when O.J. Simpson was convicted of a new slate of crimes in 2008—13 years after he was notoriously acquitted of murder. And on the day of her birth, we profile singer Gwen Stefani."
9:00PM ET
The Dick Cavett Show - Glen Campbell, James Coburn, Kathryn Kuhlman, and Pat McCormick
10:00PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - The Plots Thicken "Rob and Laura's families fight over where Laura will be buried."
10:30PM ET
The Dick Van Dyke Show - Scratch My Car and Die "Laura panics when she gets a big scratch on Rob's new car."
11:00PM ET
Cheers - Grease "Norm fights to save his favorite hangout from getting demolished."
11:30PM ET
Cheers - Breaking In Is Hard to Do "Rebecca plans a surprise visit to her prison bound love, Robin."
12:00AM ET
Taxi - Thy Boss's Wife "The owners of the Sunshine Cab Company quarrel between themselves."
12:30AM ET
WKRP in Cincinnati - Fire "Herb and Jennifer are stuck in an elevator together when a fire shuts down the Flimm Building."
1:00AM ET
The Lost Honeymooners - New Year's Eve Party "Ralph has no intention of going out on New Year's Eve, until the Kramdens and Nortons receive an invitation from The Dorsey Brothers."
1:30AM ET
Get Smart - The Farkas Fracas "The Smarts' neighbors give Agent 99 a dessert designed to poison the Chief so they can steal his briefcase."
2:00AM ET
The Phil Silvers Show - Bilko's Vacation "When he wants a free holiday at Dimmeldorf lodge, Bilko convinces the platoon, and the Colonel to go as well. But after they realize what has happened, the Colonel gets his own back."
2:30AM ET
Car 54, Where Are You? - Toody and Muldoon Sing Along with Mitch "Mitch Miller tries to give the Precinct a chance to sing on Sing Along With Mitch, but Toody has the only bass voice."
3:00AM ET
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis - Baby Talk "Maynard finds an abandoned baby in the park and for his own sentimental reasons doesn't want to inform the authorities. Dobie tries to set his good buddy straight and find a home for the infant."
3:30AM ET
The Abbott and Costello Show - Public Enemies "Lou is mistaken for a crook named Dapper Dan and is forced to take part in a robbery."
4:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Christmas Show 1952 "Connie is broke so she exchanges a gift to buy presents for her friends. Nobody gets what they want, so there's a steady stream of customers at the department store's gift exchange. The crusty old lady running in charge of exchanges is anything but cheerful."
4:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Aunt Mattie Boynton "Miss Brooks sets out to get a business administration position over Miss Enright."
5:00AM ET
Dark Shadows - December 28, 1967 "Angelique sends Jeremiah to threaten Barnabas."
5:30AM ET
Dark Shadows - December 29, 1967 "Joshua threatens to disinherit Barnabas if he marries Angelique."
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