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Today, June 28th

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All this month, travel back in time with the Decades 50 Year Flashback: 1967.

Today, watch back-to-back 1967 episodes of The Time Tunnel starting at 2PM | 1C and 11PM | 10C.

Today's Theme: The LGBTQ Experience

Through the Decades - June 28

Through the Decades looks back at when a boxing match ended with Mike Tyson bitting Evander Holyfield’s ear.
7:00AM | 1:00PM | 7:00PM | 10:00PM

The Dick Cavett Show: Billie Jean King & Kerry Melville

Throughout June, Decades will profile the American LGBTQ experience with a variety of programming. Today's Dick Cavett Show features an interview with tennis stars Billie Jean King and Kerry Melville.

Greatest Sports Legends: Billie Jean King

An episode of Greatest Sports Legends profiles Billie Jean King, who won 12 major titles, helped establish a women's players union and pushed for equal prize money for women.
9:30AM | 12:30AM

Feature Film: Common Ground (2000)

The nation’s shifting attitude towards homosexuality is explored over the course of three generations: a Naval officer faces discrimination in the 1950s, a teacher is conflicted about helping a closeted student in the 1970s and a father discovers his son is marrying another man in the 2000s.
10:00AM | 1:00AM

Cheers: Rebecca’s Lover… Not (1992)

Rebecca pursues her high school sweetheart, unaware that he is gay.
12:30PM | 3:30AM


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See slip-ups from Stalag 13.

These vintage ads prove 1967 was far more hi tech than you remember

Yes, we had portable video cameras and music in our pocket half a century ago.
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