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Today, April 29th

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Enjoy a Decades Weekend Binge of Early Edition.

Airing from 1996 to 2000, Early Edition follows a man who receives a newspaper from the future every morning.

Before kicking off Early Edition weekend binge at 1PM | 12C, we're starting the day with a Dick Cavett interview, an episode of Hollywood Remembers and an encore presentation of the April 28 episode of Through the Decades.

Through the Decades returns Monday at 7AM | 6C.

The Dick Cavett Show: Lucille Ball

Today’s Dick Cavett Show features an interview with Lucille Ball, who shares her favorite I Love Lucy moments.

Hollywood Remembers: Barbra Streisand

An episode of Hollywood Remembers recounts some of Barbra Streisand’s most memorable film roles.


7 surprises we learned about Lucille Ball

We could have been watching "I Love Diane" instead.

50 years ago "San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)" kicked off the Summer of Love

The Scott McKenzie hit had every hippie yearning for California.

9 things about George Takei that will make you say "Oh My!"

He's an actor, political activist, and has a wicked sense of humor. With such an extensive resumé, ... more
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Number Please

"Operator, I'm calling Chicago. Dearborn-two-four-six-eight-two. My number is Main-six-nine-nine-one-three." ... more

We’re An American Band

The Beatle’s sold-out concert at Shea Stadium will forever go down in history as their most ... more


On the heels of America’s bloodiest war came a horrific maritime disaster. On April 27, 1865, ... more
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We can determine your birth order based on your thoughts on 'The Brady Bunch'

Image: Everett Collection Let's guess your birth order! Are you the eldest, the youngest, ... more

You're an honorary elf if you can complete these Christmas carol lyrics

Christmas carols! They're playing everywhere these days. Every time we hear that calming croon ... more

What happened next in these classic 'I Love Lucy' scenes?

Stomping the grapes. Getting tipsy on Vitameatavegamin. Growing face icicles in the freezer. ... more
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