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7:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Bank Scandal "When Lucy finds a note in Mr. Mooney's office that reads "ten thousand dollars buried in back yard," she and Viv spend the night digging up Mr. Mooney's backyard."
7:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Decides to Redecorate "Lucy tries to wrangle money out of Mr. Mooney to redecorate, but can only get enough to fund a few projects if she does them herself. Destruction soon follows."
8:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank "When Mr. Mooney and the town finance committee refuse to fund the incompetent Danfield women's volunteer fire department, Lucy sets off a smoke bomb in the bank so the volunteers can rush in and pretend to save the day."
8:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Military Academy "Lucy sneaks into a military academy disguised as a cadet to visit her son, Jerry. Mother Lucy just can't wait for visitor's day."
9:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy's College Reunion "While attending her college reunion, Lucy helps Chris revive the old tradition of stealing the statue of the founder. She and Viv end up having to return the sculpture or face the consequences. In the process, they get locked in the bell tower."
9:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - The Loophole in the Lease "Viv's son Sherman lets the bathtub overflow, collapsing the plaster on the ceiling below. Mr. Mooney says that according to the lease, Viv must pay for damages or be evicted. Viv discovers that she actually could buy the house and throw Lucy out if she wanted. Mooney and Lucy panic, breaking into her room in the middle of the night to steal her copy of the agreement."
10:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Conducts the Symphony "Viv's cousin Harold, a symphony percussionist, has been hired to play for a New York orchestra. In an attempt to relax the high-strung man, Lucy hypnotizes him into a deep sleep. Come showtime, however, they can't wake him up. Pity the conductor who has to deal with Lucy as his fill-in."
10:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Plays Florence Nightingale "Lucy needs Mr. Mooney to sign a check so she can buy Chris a dress for a dance. With Mooney in the hospital with a broken leg, Lucy the candy striper slips in--and is soon kicked out. Plan two: pretend to be a doctor."
11:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Goes to Art Class "When both Lucy and Viv enroll in an art class to win the affections of handsome John Brooks III, Vivian tricks Lucy into posing for the class so she can get a date with Brooks."
11:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Chris Goes Steady "Chris decides to go steady with a boy who turns out to be Mr. Mooney's son. Lucy and Mr. Mooney don't like it and team up to show the kids a lesson by teaching them the real responsibilities of a serious relationship. And then the two adults must camp out in a tree house to make sure the two don't elope."
12:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Takes Up Golf "Lucy dates golf-lover Gary, even though she doesn't know one club from another. When he asks her to be his partner in a tournament, she take a crash course in the sport. Lucy's bizarre golfing ends up intimidating the pros they're playing against."
12:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing "Ethel Merman is moving to Danville. When Lucy spots her at the bank, Mr. Mooney saves her from the star-struck Lucy by passing her off as Agnes Schmidlapp, who simply looks like the Broadway star. While she's looking for a house, she rents a room from Viv and Lucy. This gives tone-deaf redhead a chance to give "Mrs. Schmidlapp" singing lessons."
1:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show "Ethel Merman agrees to perform at a Cub Scout show. Lucy is heartbroken when she and Viv are assigned to the off-stage job of making costumes. Merman feels sorry for the ladies and includes them, and Mr. Mooney, in the show."
1:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and Viv Open a Restaurant "Lucy talks Viv into buying a small restaurant that's for sale. Despite several "theme" changes, customers stay away in droves. Mr. Mooney becomes interested in being a partner when he learns a new highway's being built nearby."
2:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank "Mr. Mooney hires Lucy to give a new toaster to anyone who opens a savings account. Lucy tries to drum up business by getting her friends to close out their savings accounts and then redeposit the money as new accounts, leading to a rumor that the bank is failing!"
2:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Viv Moves Out "Lucy and Viv have a fight and Viv moves out. Mr. Mooney forces Lucy get a new tenant immediately. In moves singer Roberta Schaefer and her son who rehearse at all hours of the day and night. By now, Viv wants back in and Lucy wants to lose the chronic songbirds."
3:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy is Her Own Lawyer "A dog in the neighborhood barks all night and Lucy decides to sue the owner, Mr. Mooney!"
3:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Meets a Millionaire "When Italian millionaire Umberto Fabriani asks Lucy on a date, the klutzy redhead spills spaghetti sauce all over Mr. Fabriani's tuxedo. When Lucy and Mr. Mooney break into the cleaners to retrieve his other tux, Lucy gets an unexpected dye job."
4:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Goes Into Politics "Mr. Mooney is running for city comptroller. How can he lose with Lucy and Viv on his team? For starters, a certain redhead could forget to book any talent for his big campaign rally."
4:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Scout Trip "Lucy and Viv have to replace a man on the scout trip and Lucy gets lost in the woods."
5:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy is a Process Server "Lucy takes a temp job as a process server for an attorney's office. She must serve poor Mr. Mooney with a subpoena. As he's leaving on vacation, she chases him to a train station, then his stateroom on board an ocean liner. The ship leaves port before the redhead can disembark, trapping the two together for a month!"
5:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Enters a Baking Contest "When Vivian makes some comments about Lucy's baking ability, Lucy enters a baking contest to prove her otherwise. Lucy then swaps hers and Vivian's entries in the contest, which leads to a food fight!"
6:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Good Skate "Wanting to spend more time with her daughter, Lucy & Chris go roller skating. But when Lucy gets home, she can't get the skates off because her feet had swollen, and she has to wear them to a dance that night."
6:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Plumber "Mr. Mooney approves of Lucy hiring a plumber to fix her kitchen, and the one who shows up looks exactly like Jack Benny (and his assistant bears resemblance to Bob Hope)."
7:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Tries Winter Sports "Lucy again tries to impress her athletic boyfriend by bragging about her mastery of various winter sports. (For the record, she's the master of none.) When he invites her on a ski trip, she takes a crash course in skiing from Mr. Mooney."
7:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Gets Amnesia "Lucy again needs money from Mr. Mooney. It should be easy this time--Mooney's fill-in is a former sweetheart of hers. When she can't recall her old pet name for him, she fakes amnesia rather than wreck her chance at easily gotten cash."
8:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Great Bank Robbery "Lucy and Viv rent a spare room to a couple of guys in town for the New York World's Fair. It turns out they're bank robbers who plan to knock off Mr. Mooney's bank."
8:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy the Camp Cook "Lucy and Viv need to raise funds for the kids' summer camp. When the camp cook quits, the two take over the kitchen, with chaotic results."
9:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy the Meter Maid "When Lucy's new job as a meter maid goes to her head, she accuses Viv of many violations and takes her to traffic court."
9:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Makes a Pinch "In her latest career move, Lucy becomes a policewoman. A notorious robber is holding up cars parked on Lovers' Lane and Lucy is chosen to be the cops' decoy."
10:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Becomes a Father "Lucy goes with Jerry on a father-son camping trip. The other fathers don't like having a woman "dad" around, so they conspire to make things so tough she'll go running home."
10:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy's Contact Lenses "One of Lucy's new contact lenses pops out when she's icing a chocolate cake for a bake sale. She believes Mrs. Mooney bought her cake, so she and Viv sneak into the Mooney's home to switch a new cake for the one with her lens."
11:00PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Gets Her Maid "Lucy and Viv are envious of the snooty women of the Danfield Art Society, all of whom have their own maids. Our girls simply must have one, too, if they are to fit in with that group. To afford the hired help, Lucy goes to work as a maid for a society matron who's throwing a dinner party--for the members of the Art Society!"
11:30PM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Gets the Bird "Lucy and Viv "bird sit" Mr. Mooney's talking parakeet Greenback, until it escapes it's cage and flies away. They're left with no choice but to buy another bird and try to pass it off as Greenback."
12:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy the Coin Collector "When Jerry finds a penny worth fifty cents, Lucy & Viv withdraw 2,000 pennies from the bank, and search through them until they find one worth $16.50. When Lucy drops the penny down a storm drain, they disguise themselves as workmen, and climb their way through the sewer system searching for it."
12:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Missing Stamp "While trying to sell Mr. Mooney a vacuum cleaner, Lucy accidentally vacuums up a stamp Mr. Mooney had just bought for $3,000. When the stamp winds up on an envelope sent through the mail, Lucy breaks into the post office to get it back."
1:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Meets Danny Kaye "Lucy says she'll take the family to a taping of The Danny Kaye Show. When she can't get her hands on any tickets, she goes to Danny himself and begs for help. Kaye's solution is to make the Carmichaels and Bagleys extras on the show. Has Lucy ever been able to just fade into the background?"
1:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Ceramic Cat "When Lucy and Viv break the ceramic cat Mr. Mooney plans to give his wife as a surprise birthday present, Lucy winds up pretending to be a mechanical man in a department store window to steal another ceramic cat."
2:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy Goes to Vegas "Lucy and Viv win a free trip to Vegas, but have no spending money for their stay. The two pose as big-money gamblers to score some free "comps", but eventually they have to prove it at the casino tables."
2:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Monsters "The kids are unfazed by the horror flick they see at movies, but Lucy and Viv are scared stupid. This leads to a nightmare with the two transformed into wicked witches."
3:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Countess "Mr. Mooney is impressed by Lucy's childhood friend Rosie Hannigan, now known as the Countess Framboise. Despite her title, she's now a widow who's flat broke. The two old pals attend a high society wine-tasting and proceed to get plastered."
3:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - My Fair Lucy "The Countess wants to open a charm school but needs financing. To impress the wealthy Dunbars, she will take a ratty scrubwoman (Lucy as Liza Lumpwhomper) and turn her into a sparkling debutante. Things turn sour at Liza's coming out party when Lucy's allergy to caviar kicks in."
4:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Countess Lose Weight "Mr. Mooney's made a bad investment in a "fat farm". Lucy and the Countess volunteer to attend to generate some needed publicity. In no time, the brutal regime has the two plotting an escape."
4:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Old Mansion "The Countess doesn't want her foreign visitors to know she's broke. Lucy's solution is to borrow a dilapidated mansion and get Viv to help her do a quick fix-up on the place. As the Countess hosts a party for her guests, the ladies' temporary improvements begin to fall apart."
5:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and Arthur Godfrey "Lucy & Viv talk Arthur Godfrey into appearing in a musical the Danfield Little Theater is putting on."
5:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Beauty Doctor "In another attempt to squeeze cash out of Mooney, Lucy claims its for medical reasons. Actually, it's for a visit to a beauty shop. She has to concoct an even bigger lie when she's caught there by a hidden camera TV show."
6:00AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy the Stockholder "When Lucy and Vivian try to get the town's wealthiest doctor to become a depositor in Mr. Mooney's bank, the doctor, mistaking the girls for volunteers for an experiment in hypnosis, regressing them to the age of five."
6:30AM ET
The Lucy Show - Lucy and the Disc Jockey "Lucy wins a contest to be disc jockey for a day, and proceeds to wreak typical, Lucy-style havoc in the radio studio."
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