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7:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Hospital Capers "Miss Brooks forgets to mail an insurance letter, and it backfires when Mr. Boynton is injured on Mr. Conklin's property."
7:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Postage Due "Miss Brooks investigates when the mailman quits suddenly."
8:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Do It Yourself "Miss Brooks and the gang are tasked with building Mr. Conklin's garage."
8:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Bobsey Twin in Stir "Phony tickets to the Policeman's Ball land everyone in hot water when they unknowingly try to sell them."
9:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Jockey "Miss Brooks helps Mr. Boynton hide a jockey and his horse from gangsters."
9:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Brooks' New Car "Miss Brooks accidently causes an accident with Mr. Conklin's car."
10:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Hobo Jungle "Miss Brooks helps a student from being sent away from his father."
10:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Wild Goose Chase "Walter plays an early April Fool's Day trick on Mr. Conklin with disastrous results."
11:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Hello Mr. Chips "Miss Brooks overhears Mr. Boynton say he'll marry when he's too old to enjoy anything else and sets out to make it happen."
11:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Parlor Game "Principal Conklin is unhappy when Walter takes a romantic interest in his daughter."
12:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The English Test "Mr. Conklin orders Miss Brooks to tutor students after school to keep the school's test average up."
12:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Second Hand-First Aid "Miss Brooks purposefully fumbles her first aid class in order to get out of it."
1:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Egg "Mr. Conklin is determined to photograph the hatching of an egg, not realizing Walter switched it with a rock."
1:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Old Age Plan "Miss Brooks begins selling insurance, and soon everyone feels as if they're coming down with something."
2:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Hawkins Travel Agency "Miss Brooks tries to convince three others to join her vacation, so she can get a good rate."
2:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Bicycle Thief "Mr. Conklin's bike is stolen, and Miss Brooks protects the guilty party."
3:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Red River Valley "Miss Brooks and the gang mistake a school board official for a hillbilly entertainer."
3:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Miserable Caballero "A young runaway tells a tale which has everyone rushing to help him."
4:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Life Can Be Bones "Miss Brooks hides old bones in her backyard to direct Mr. Boynton's attention off a new assistant."
4:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Two-Way Stretch Snodgrass "A rival principal attempts to steal Madison's star player."
5:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Angela's Wedding "Miss Brooks falls into a love triangle with Mr. Boynton and the new football coach."
5:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Van Gogh, Man, Gogh "When an art dealer offers a prize for the most promising painter, the teachers all compete."
6:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Jewel Robbery "A jewelry store robbery has everyone confessing to the crime to save someone else from trouble."
6:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Space, Who Needs It? "Walter tricks Mr. Conklin into believing he's discovered a new planet."
7:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Novelist "When a former student writes a tell-all, Miss Brooks regrets her remarks about Mr. Conklin."
7:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Four Leaf Clover "Miss Brooks discovers a four leaf clover and has the most unlucky day."
8:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Citizen's League "Miss Brooks reads from a government pamphlet that all good citizens harbor a secret. Suddenly, everyone's spilling their beans."
8:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Buddy "A mysterious letter arrives and announces that "Buddy" is going to be killed."
9:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Daughter of Medic (aka Noodnick) "Principal Conklin thinks Miss Brooks is after his job."
9:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Stuffed Gopher "Miss Brooks forgets to lock up the school, and it's vandalized."
10:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Safari O'Toole "Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton sell their things to earn enough for Mrs. Davis' birthday gift."
10:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Weighing Machine "Miss Brooks holds a money-eating vending machine accountable, and soon everyone thinks she's impoverished."
11:00PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Public Speaker's Nightmare "A nervous Mr. Conklin pre-records his address to the school board, only to have technical difficulties."
11:30PM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Auction "A charity event ends with Mr. Conklin's furniture being auctioned."
12:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Mambo "When a mambo craze sweeps through Madison High."
12:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Dream "Miss Brooks dreams of life with Mr. Boynton."
1:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Return of Red Smith "Mrs. Davis pretends to be wealthy when an old boyfriend visits."
1:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Le Chien Chaud Et Le Mouton Noir "Miss Brooks takes a new job, not realizing her boss is Mr. Conklin."
2:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Kritch Cave "Miss Brooks sells the wrong deed and as a result, sells Madison High."
2:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Mr. Fargo's Whiskers "When Mr. Boynton doesn't notice her new haircut, Miss Brooks decides to change her hair every day until he does."
3:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Great Baseball Slide "When a star baseball player gets injured, Miss Brooks comes up with a plan to hide it from baseball scouts."
3:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Turnabout Day "Walter tricks Mr. Conklin into "Turnabout Day" where the students and teachers switch positions."
4:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Here Is Your Past "A mystery man follows Miss Brooks."
4:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Madison Mascot "Mr. Conklin tries to publicize the school's mascot."
5:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Big Jump "Mr. Conklin advertises a daredevil stunt, only to chicken out at the last moment."
5:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Home Cooked Meal "Miss Brooks accidently locks Mr. Conklin in the freezer."
6:00AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - The Blind Date "Walter and Harriet arrange blind dates for Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton."
6:30AM ET
Our Miss Brooks - Transition Show "Madison High is about to become a highway, so Miss Brooks finally tells Mr. Conklin what she thinks of him. Little does she know he's working at the new school too."
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