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7:00AM ET
Vega$ - The Usurper "A slick operator blackmails Roth by threatening to make public a secret from his past."
8:00AM ET
Vega$ - Mixed Blessings "A determined nun decides to track down a valuable crucifix that was stolen."
9:00AM ET
Vega$ - Design For Death "Jewel thieves try to divert police by terrorizing a designer and her models."
10:00AM ET
Vega$ - Shadow on a Star "A Las Vegas headliner asks Dan to track down the man who raped her."
11:00AM ET
Vega$ - Dan Tanna Is Dead "A deranged man poisons Dan with bee venom, and a search for the antidote ensues."
12:00PM ET
Vega$ - Macho Murders "A feminist denies murdering a pimp, despite overwhelming evidence."
1:00PM ET
Vega$ - The Day the Gambling Stopped "A counterfeiting scheme nearly ruins Roth's casinos."
2:00PM ET
Vega$ - The Classic Connection "A former racer takes up drug smuggling, hiding the contraband in cars."
3:00PM ET
Vega$ - Comeback "One of Dan's old Vietnam buddies seeks revenge after his wife is killed by a bomb meant for him."
4:00PM ET
Vega$ - All Kinds of Love "Dan suspects Beatrice's fiancé of murder."
5:00PM ET
Vega$ - Lido Girls "A French detective helps Dan try to collar three showgirls with an elaborate scheme to rip off casinos."
6:00PM ET
Vega$ - Consortium "A hotel-owners' gathering is marred by murder."
7:00PM ET
Vega$ - The Hunter Hunted "While investigating a young man's murder, Lt. Nelson is terrorized by the victim's vengeful father."
8:00PM ET
Vega$ - The Man Who Was Twice "Dan tries to protect a female impersonator whose life has been threatened."
9:00PM ET
Vega$ - Siege of the Desert Inn "Beatrice and some showgirls are held captive by convicts demanding $5 million for their release."
10:00PM ET
Vega$ - Vendetta (aka The Jinx Stone) "The mysterious death of a restaurateur convinces his family they're the targets of a vendetta."
11:00PM ET
Vega$ - Heist "Roth asks Dan to test his hotel's security system with a mock robbery."
12:00AM ET
Vega$ - No Way to Treat a Victim "A friend of Bea's is raped after she and her date are abducted, but later the date can't be found."
1:00AM ET
Vega$ - Time Bomb "Two ex-cons strong-arm Binzer for the loot from a robbery he helped them commit."
2:00AM ET
Vega$ - The Killing "Ten persons are gunned down in a restaurant, and Dan is hired by a victim's widow to find the killers."
3:00AM ET
Vega$ - Seek and Destroy "Dan helps prevent the murder of a defector who piloted a secret plane to the U.S."
4:00AM ET
Vega$ - Dead Ringer "Wayne Newton hires Dan after receiving threatening phone calls that accuse him of being an imposter."
5:00AM ET
Vega$ - The French Twist "Dan's detective idol asks for help in solving the murder of a woman he followed from Paris to Las Vegas."
6:00AM ET
Vega$ - Judgment Pronounced "Someone posing as Dan has set himself up as a one-man judge and jury to kill criminals released on technicalities."
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