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7:00AM ET
DECADES Feature - Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story "From his humble beginnings to his sudden rocketing success, Stanley Burrell aka MC Hammer struggles with his inner demons of fame and popularity. This biographical film one of the most successful rap artists of the 90s features original master recordings including "U Can't Touch This" and "Too Legit to Quit"."
9:00AM ET
Through the Decades - Nature’s Fury - Natural Disasters "Through the Decades takes the hour to reflect back on some of the toughest examples of nature’s fury, including when the state of Florida suffered from a direct hit from the category five storm known as Hurricane Andrew. We’re also looking back on when the city of San Francisco was crippled by a massive earthquake and we remember when Yellowstone National Park was forced to shut down as it fought back the flames of a massive wildfire."
10:00AM ET
Animal Rescue Classics - Animal Rescue Classics 107 "Animal Rescue Classics showcases the efforts of compassionate individuals helping all kinds of animals in trouble and each show includes animal care tips."
10:30AM ET
Animal Rescue Classics - Animal Rescue Classics 108 "Animal Rescue Classics showcases the efforts of compassionate individuals helping all kinds of animals in trouble and each show includes animal care tips."
11:00AM ET
Animal Atlas - JAWS! "On search for JAWS, jawed vertebrates that is; a fascinating look at this distinct group that includes cartilaginous fish, bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals."
11:30AM ET
On the Spot - Now and Then, Identify This, Surprising Stats "From some prehistoric dentists, to identifying a few of the animal kingdom’s coolest animals, to some surprising statistics about your modern-day smartphone."
12:00PM ET
Missing: Cold Cases - Missing: Cold Case 729 ""Missing" is a half-hour reality series featuring actual cases of missing individuals, both adult and juvenile, from across the United States. The program includes tips and information to keep children safe."
12:30PM ET
Missing: Cold Cases - Missing: Cold Case 730 ""Missing" is a half-hour reality series featuring actual cases of missing individuals, both adult and juvenile, from across the United States. The program includes tips and information to keep children safe."
1:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Dan Mulcahy "Bessie Mulcahy wants to spend her husband's gift of $1,000,000. To get a rich society husband for their eligible daughter."
1:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Emily Short "When Emily short receives the million dollar cheque she flies over to Paris. On the flight she meets Mark Ryan. Falling head over heels for Mark she doesn't realize that he is smuggling diamonds."
2:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Margaret Browning "Margaret is trying to start a life without dear old mom controlling her every move. When that chance comes she has second thoughts."
2:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Harvey Blake "After serving time in prison, Harvey tries to make amends."
3:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Nancy Marlborough "Schoolteacher Nancy Malborough tries to help her boys defend themselves against the barbershop bullies. She buys herself a prizefighter with her money and enlists them to teach the boys the ropes."
3:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Betty Jane Ryan "Before the millionaire's secretary can give the million dollar check to a nurse, the girl disappears - on the eve of her wedding."
4:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Charles Lomar "Humble Charles Lamar receives the check to much astoundment since he is a butler to a very wealthy eccentric."
4:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Ken Fowler "A husband and wife feel that at long last they can reveal the secret they've concealed for so long. Reason: They've just been given a million-dollar cashier's check by the secretary to J. Beresford Tipton."
5:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Pev Johnson "The good-looking daughter of a ne'er-do-well refuses to marry until her father settles down. A visit from Michael Anthony only complicates matters."
5:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Quentin Harwood "Although she loves her husband, Julia Harwood can no longer stand his stinginess. He is generous with time and energy but not with money."
6:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Fred Malcolm "Fred Malcolm is past middle age and living in comfort with his youngish wife. But his happy life changes when he inherits a million dollars. Tension grows as Fred discovers that someone is trying to kill him."
6:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Luke Fortune "A Texas cowboy brings his horse to Madison Square Garden. Not only is the cowboy named champion; but he's the recipient of a cashier's check for $1,000.000."
7:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Jack Martin "When jack martin gets the check for one million dollars, he loses the only girl that means anything to him."
7:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Walter Carter "An elderly, impoverished ex-millionaire receives a visit from the emissary of billionaire Tipton. And Walter Carter, former millionaire, is a millionaire again."
8:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Merle Roberts "An unhappy stepdaughter dreams of the day she will find her long-lost father. When she receives a million-dollar check from an unknown benefactor, she is certain the donor is her real father."
8:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Uncle Robby "Uncle Robby's sudden death just after he inherits $1,000.000, greatly complicates the terms of his will."
9:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Sam Donovan "Sam Donovan is a meek office worker, intimidated by his fiancee and his boss, until he is visited by Michael Anthony."
9:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Vickie Lawson "A young secretary wants to use her money to snare a boyfriend. She decides the first step must be to alter her personality."
10:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Cobb Marley "Michael Anthony surprises Cobb Marley with enough money to buy himself a ball team."
10:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Mildred Milliken "Spinster mildred 'millie' milliken dreams of changing her boardinghouse into a home filled with orphans she wants to adopt but is denied because she has no husband, so in when she becomes the next millionaire she sets her sights on one man to be the father of the orphans."
11:00PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Rita Keeley "Ugly duckling Rita Keeley receives the check for one million dollars and buys herself a husband."
11:30PM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Robert Croft "A novelist who had phenomenal success with his first book, finds himself unable to write. He's afraid he cannot equal his previous effort."
12:00AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Joe Seaton "Joe Seaton is desperately in debt and seeks a way out."
12:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Iris Miller "Iris Millar is in love with and engaged to Dr. Mike Wells, but her longing for wealth and society lead her to consider another marriage proposal from Modena."
1:00AM ET
The Millionaire - The Ralph McKnight Story "With the money from his check, Ralph Mcknight plans to "get" some of his old military superiors."
1:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Tom Bryan "Ex-convict Tom Bryan tries to regain his son's confidence when the boy learns about his prison record."
2:00AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Peggy Demos "A girl who defied her wealthy parents to marry a poor boy is given the check."
2:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Jerome Wilson "Jerome Wilson takes off in a private plane for a brief holiday after he receives his million dollars. The plane crashes, and Wilson's injuries cause him to lose his memory. Now the sheriff wants to know where he got all the money."
3:00AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Nora Paul "Because she has received a gift of $1,000.000, a mother is able to conduct an all-out search for the child she gave up for adoption when her husband was convicted of murder."
3:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Steve Carey "A flashy bakery-goods salesman who spends his spare time racing motorcycles and reading comic books, becomes a good samaritan after receiving a check for one million dollars. He decides to use part of the money to beautify an unattractive secretary who's in love with her boss."
4:00AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Don Lewis "Don Lewis can't decide whether to marry a gullible heiress or a beautiful broadway hopeful."
4:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Jeff Ellis "Michael Anthony surprises the awkward, and clumsy Jeff Ellis with the check and is surprised by his reaction."
5:00AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Philip Sargent "After gambling most of his life, he takes a bigger gamble when he receives a check and turns his life around."
5:30AM ET
The Millionaire - The Chris Hall Story "Chris has some tough choices to make and when he receives the check he alters his plans."
6:00AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Reverend Hardin "A minister is in desperate straits. He's about to lose his parish due to lack of funds. His future son-in-law needs money to continue his scientific research. The minister trusts in faith to solve his financial woes."
6:30AM ET
The Millionaire - Millionaire Cindy Bowen "A department store clerk volunteers to do hospital work and meets a handsome socialite. Afraid that her lack of money will cool the romance, she misrepresents her financial position. The socialite's jealous girlfriend finds out the truth and plans to expose Cindy as a phoney"
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